Hung Hom 5 commercial projects offer 233 000 sq ft of floor

After the opening of the Kwun Tong Extension, the traffic between Hung Hom and Whampoa has facilitated the development of commercial buildings, retail and hotels in the area. Five commercial projects will be completed in the area, providing about 2.33 million square feet of floor.

China Travel Association Association Warehouse plans to expand retail shopping malls

With the opening of the railway last year, the district commercial buildings, retail and hotel rents have risen to attract the owners of the district to change the use of property to improve the development potential of the project. Among them, the CCCC Warehouse No. 1 and No. 2 are now zoned “Comprehensive Development Area". The two warehouses cover an area of ​​about 650,000 square feet and are 15 stories high. Due to the location of the MTR Hung Hom Station and Ho Man Tin Station Between the surrounding more than the old building, I believe that can bring a certain flow of people, so deliberately changed the development of retail shopping malls. And adjacent to the commercial center with the CTS freight logistics center, plans to transform for commercial use, three sites is expected to bring about 78 million square feet of new commercial floor supply.

Located at the Hung Hom Commercial Center in Chatham Road North, near Ho Man Tin Station, a 14-storey high commercial building is now available for $ 350 million to purchase a full project at Chinatown. When the new owners moved out of the tenants, they will be re-opened for office use, together with the remaining commercial buildings and underground shops, the building will provide 48,000 square feet of floor.

On the other hand, there are three large commercial development projects, including the one-storey skyscraper of the Hong Luan Road, which is developed by Wheelock, with a total floor area of ​​about 675,000 square feet. , The end of last year has been completed, when the East Block and West Block in the building during the period were Xiangqi Group and China Life (02628) vote, the amount of nearly 10 billion yuan, are the region’s attention business transactions.

Cheung Shing Beach Plaza plus office building hotel

It is adjacent to the two-storey 20-storey commercial building, which is intended to be built on the top floor of the two commercial buildings, including 5-storey office and 11-storey hotel floor, providing about 270,000 square feet of floor , Is expected to be completed within a few years.

Followed by the development of Shangri-La Hong Luan Road and Huaxin Street at the junction of the hotel, will build a 18-story landmark hotel, the total floor of about 557,000 square feet, providing 545 rooms, involving nearly 500,000 square feet of hotel floor, The rest is for retail and restaurant use, named the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong.

Thanks to the Kwun Tong Extension in Ho Man Tin and Wong Po Station, it is advantageous to open traffic to and from Kowloon. The construction of the sand center is expected to be set up at Hung Hom and the fastest 2019 and 2021 sessions. The Hung Hom District, which is a dual railway route, is a huge network of Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories, which is expected to further boost the potential value and commercial atmosphere of property in the district.