Far East Building 85% of the owners of $ 400 million bid

The Central Plains was nominated by 85% of the title of “Far East Building" in North Point, with an intention of about $ 400 million. The building is 9 storeys high and has 36 flats with 4 downstairs with a total site area of approximately 3,891 sq ft. The tender starts on June 12 and ends on July 19.

According to Zhang Jingda, executive director of Zhongyuan Survey Office, the Far East Building has a high plasticity and the developer can develop residential or “Ginza" non-residential projects in response to market conditions due to the development of pure “residential" or “pure" commercial use by government leases. The opportunity to develop into office space is higher. Building owner Mr. Shen satisfied with the tender price, and that the current good atmosphere of the property market is a good time to sell.

The Far East Building is located at 187-193, Seven Sisters Road, North Point. It is adjacent to King’s Road and Healthy East Street and Seven Sister Road junctions for more than 60 years. The project is jointly organized by the “Zhongyuan Mediation Service Co., Ltd." Auction, but the final failure ended.