Hengda 2.6 billion reconstruction of Haixing Building involving 460 partners

(0012), yesterday through the strong shot to 1.689 billion yuan unified Daxingkou Haixing Building, the title, can be built on the floor of the land 189000 square feet, the project adjacent to the Department of Leo Square • Xiao shore, the disk opened 2 years ago, the fastest next season occupation.

Developed into Leo Square Phase 3

Data show that Haixing Building, one of them, in 2013, killing the parents killed the case, a fierce house units. Henderson executive director Huang Haoming said, together with the construction costs, including a total investment of 2.6 billion, is expected to build 460 units, the average area of ​​330 square feet. Huang also pointed out that the project will be developed for the Leo Square Phase 3, the entire project a total of 4 development, but the development time is different, so there will be no bridge to connect four projects, but the mall will be integrated development.

Waiting for the government to reply to Ma fai Po land premium

Huang also revealed that it had submitted a document to the Government on the land premium of Fanling Ma Shui Po and waited for the Government to pay the premium. If the amount of land premium is unreasonable, it will be considered through the land premium arbitration mechanism. The building has been approved by the Buildings Department for a total of about 600 000 square feet.

Citizen wins City Council Fukuzawa Street project

In addition, the Urban Construction Bureau announced the project to the Chevalier International (0025), which could build about 61,786 square feet of gross floor, providing 96 flats, Practical area of ​​398 to 538 square feet of small and medium-sized units), is expected to be completed in 2020-2021. The industry estimates that floor price per square foot is expected to range from $ 13,000 to $ 14,000. Another two years ago had auctioned the Far East Building in North Point, once again commissioned the Central Plains tender, the site area of ​​about 3891 square feet, can be built a total of 89,493 square feet square. The project can be used for commercial or residential projects, the building of the project intention price of 480 million yuan, will be closed on July 19.

In addition, the Land Registry shows that 57 blocks of Wellington Street, Central, with a total floor capacity of about $ 3667 sq ft and a foot price of $ 23,180. The original owners in 1988 to 81,000 yuan to buy, holding 57 years to earn 84.919 million yuan or 1048 times.