Henderson fare increase 1 into a 3 commercial buildings worth a total of 20 billion

Commercial Wang repeated, the market conditions under the owners of the price adjustment to sell all the buildings. The news that the last month to vote in the United States and the United States and the United States and the land of the Henderson (00012), the deployment of the sale of three non-core properties, due to market price increase of about 1 percent, 3 commercial buildings involved about 20 billion yuan.

Full of commercial buildings are hard to find, coupled with the recent Murray Road parking lot high price transactions, so that the market fuel on fire, holding the whole building owners immediately anti-price. News, from time to time to sell non-core properties of the Henderson, last year, the sale of three commercial buildings, including North Point Jinghua Road on the 18th, Sheung Wan Fu Wei Financial Center and San Po Kong International Kowloon Financial Center, the agency said, After the land, but also took the opportunity to deploy and then sell 3 commercial buildings, asking price increased by up to 13%.

Jinghua Road on the 18th bid 11 billion attention

Heng Di business (2) General Manager Han Jiahui accepted the inquiry, said there is no clear sale of property, but from time to time there are consortium bid to buy, can be discussed. He said earlier that the group also said it would sell some non-core properties.

Among the three properties, the highest value of commercial buildings on the 18th floor of Jinghua Road, North Point is the only new project. The Hong Kong Island is a rare new full commercial building, plus enjoy the sea, with a certain attraction. The total length of the property is about 330,000 square feet. This year, the owner has been selling for about $ 10 billion last year. After the sale of Merida Road, the owners have adjusted their price to $ 11 billion. It is expected that the property will attract the fund, and the Chinese-funded consortium will also be purchased for personal use.

Foreign funds have been financial center

As for the Shanghuan Fuwei Financial Center, located in Des Voeux Road, the building is 28 stories high and covers an area of ​​about 214,400 square feet. It is understood that the project as early as last year, has been foreign funds PAG purchase, the price of 4.5 billion yuan, once close to the owners intention price, but the owners at the same time to about 4.4 billion yuan to sell the same area Jinlong Center full of commercial buildings, Fu Wei financial center, and price to 5.5 billion. Acting that the recent price has been intention to price, to 6.2 billion, the price increase rate of about 13%, about 28,900 yuan per square foot. In fact, the recent business district Shangluo busy trading, so do not rule out the consortium and then purchase.

The new San Gang Kong International Financial Center, Hengde in 2014, sold to its house under the Sunshine Real Estate Fund (00435), priced at 1.96 billion yuan, but the final cancellation of the transaction. It is reported that the property price of 2.6 billion yuan, the recent slightly adjusted to 2.8 billion, an increase of about 7.7% to 216,000 square feet of floor, foot price of nearly 13,000 yuan.

Hengde last month to 23.28 billion yuan, to vote in the Central Merlin Road, commercial land, to build a total gross floor area of ​​about 465,000 square feet, per square foot floor land prices see 50,064 yuan, once became king, and floor Face price of 50,000 yuan to keep the record so far.

At the same time, the Group also sold non-core properties, such as the sale of a total of 11.832 billion yuan of non-core properties, including the sale of Sheung Wan Des Voeux Road 188, Golden Dragon Center, about 4.4 billion yuan, 15.6 million square feet, about 28,000 yuan per square foot, become the most expensive Shanghang Shanghang.