Mainland students 1.2 million to grab the second floor of the lake

into the summer vacation, part of the mainland at the expense of high rents units. Fanling Bihu Garden has 2 units of the mainland students to nearly 17,700 yuan leasing, compared with a year ago, rents rose 17%.

Expensive two years ago, nearly two percent of the old rent

Associate Director of the United States Assistant Jiang Yi Ming said that the blue lake garden 8 middle A room, the practical area of ​​441 square feet (construction area of ​​568 square feet), 2 room interval, to 11,666 yuan rent to the mainland students, the old rent of 10,000 yuan Fare increase of 1666 yuan or 17%, practical salary of 26.5 yuan (20.5 yuan), tenants need to pay a year rent of nearly 14 million. Owners in 2007 to 1.8 million purchase, the rent return of 7%.

Mainland students 15,000 rent Jubilee 2 rooms

Tai Wai Golden Jubilee Garden has 2 rooms in the absence of land Dixia, still won the mainland was born on the 8th wind ball under the suspension. Zhongyuan District Manager Lin Xu Le said, Tai Wai Jin Jubing Garden 3 middle C room, the practical area of ​​314 square feet (construction area of ​​416 square feet), 2 room interval, called rent 15,000 yuan, zero bargaining, practical salary of 47.8 yuan ($ 36.1 for construction), 7% higher than the old lease of $ 14,000 a year ago. Owners in 2011 to 2.6 million purchase, the rent return of 7%.

Gold lion fancy high see 41 yuan

The other Tai Wai Golden Lion Garden owners have recently purchased the mini-households, that is rented to the mainland students, 41 yuan to see the high rent. Lin Xulhou continued, the Lion Garden 2 Phase A low-rise 3 rooms, the effective area of ​​282 square feet (building area of ​​452 square feet), to 11,500 yuan leased out, practical foot rent 40.8 yuan (construction hull rent 25.4 yuan). Owners purchase 3.54 million yuan this year, the rent return of nearly 4%.

City 3 rent 27,000 expensive 8%

Market Information refers to the same area of ​​the city of 3 prosperous two high-rise north wing B room, the practical area of ​​787 square feet (construction area of ​​1031 square feet), 3 rooms 1 set interval to 27,000 yuan leased out, practical salary of 34.3 yuan Construction salary of 26.2 yuan), compared with 2 months ago the same monthly lease of about 25,000 yuan, up 8%. Owners in 2012 to 7.67 million yuan to buy, the rent return of 4.2%.

The hammers have been broken for three consecutive months

Senior co-director of the Central Plains Real Estate Research Institute, Mr Wong Wing-sang, said that many college students and overseas employees started to rent their flats ahead of time. The average useful rent of 107 large estates in Hong Kong in May was $ 34.7, up from $ 34.2 %, The largest increase in 4 months, has been a record high for three consecutive months, expected the season will be extended to the third quarter.