Victoria Harbor peak parking area of ​​5.18 million new high buyers Huarong investment executive director Guan Weiming

Hong Kong property prices soared, in addition to residential property, the parking price also exceeded 5 million yuan mark. Land Registry data show that King’s International (0163) its Sai Ying Pun Victoria Harbor Peak a second floor parking spaces, last month to 5.18 million yuan with a Chinese background Huarong Investment (2277) Executive Director Guan Weiming (chart) Purchase, into the most expensive residential projects in Hong Kong parking spaces, you have a Sha Tin first city two homes. Ming Pao reporter Lin Shangmin

The Land Registry shows that the parking lot at HKD500 last month was sold at $ 5.18 million and became the most expensive residential car in Hong Kong. Data show that the sale of the parking spaces, width 3.5 meters, 5 meters long, an area of ​​about 188 square feet (the general parking spaces for the 135 square feet), is the largest area of ​​the whole project only two of the same type of parking spaces, If the current transaction price of 5.18 million yuan, the price of up to 27,500 yuan per foot.

An area of ​​188 square feet equivalent price of 27,500 yuan

If the transaction price, the parking spaces have been more than the first city of Sha Tin, the two most expensive housing units, Shatin first city 19 high-rise H room, the practical area of ​​327 square feet with rooftops, in April this year to 509 million turnover , Real dollars 15,565 yuan, is the housing estates so far the first price of 5 million yuan to break the 2-bedroom units. If the price per square foot, the parking lot above the price of a lot of Kowloon luxury new disk, such as real estate (1113) Argyle Street Jun Bai, a practical 1624 square feet units, the beginning of 39.89 million yuan sold, For 24,500 yuan.

Victoria Harbor parking spaces sold at astronomical price is not the first time in April this year, the same level of the same level of parking spaces with a parking lot, also sold 4.8 million yuan, tied in October last year, the western half of the mountain, 4.8 million yuan record the most expensive parking spaces in Hong Kong.

Victoria Harbor has a total of 125 units, while the number of private parking spaces are 64, accounting for about 2 to 1, that is, the average two people compete for a parking space, and the house is currently only less than 10 first-hand parking spaces for sale.

Off the purchase of housing 5 property with parking spaces

In addition, the Company has purchased a number of properties for the Hong Kong peak in the past, including the purchase of two residential units in the estate by 2038.38 million yuan and 55.222 million yuan. , Also to 3.78 million yuan and 3.98 million yuan were purchased two parking spaces, together with the current 5.18 million purchase of the parking spaces, five property with a total of 88.55 million yuan car. It is worth mentioning that the five most expensive residential parking spaces in Hong Kong are concentrated in the Sai Ying Pun, West Mid-Levels area, a district agency said that the area a lot of new disk easily tens of millions of dollars, the owner is not rich is expensive, do not mind $ 4 million to buy a parking space, even if there is a cheap parking lot near the estate (the price is more than half of the estate), but the owners will not buy, that “loss of identity” The new disk parking spaces in the region hit a record high.

In fact, the recent number of locomotives are recorded high-priced trading, such as the old car park Tianshui Wai Jiahu Villa, earlier parking spaces to 1.02 million yuan sold a new high in the region. However, with the non-residential projects or the acquisition of the project, the most expensive parking spaces in Hong Kong are still the number of parking spaces in the Kwun Tong Ka Wo Building, which has been purchased by the Chairman of the Hong Kong Industrial and Excise Department, Only the remaining ownership can be unified property, so at high prices to buy.