China and Hong Kong enterprises swept the British business doubled

After the British election, the pound was once under pressure, the pound since the “off Europe" after more than 10%, to attract the consortium to the British property market flattened goods, including Lee Kum Kee family and Zhongyu Land (01224) and so on. According to newspaper statistics, the first five months of this year, Hong Kong companies in London investment transactions at least more than 10, commercial investment amounted to about 31.1 billion pounds (about 30.752 billion Hong Kong dollars), beyond last year’s investment in Hong Kong about 2.9 billion pounds. Analysis refers to investors or then take advantage of the exchange rate of low water fishing materials, expected this year or the total amount of doubles.

City of London 3 Landmark location

GBP rose 0.61% yesterday to the highest 1.2736 US dollars, but still more than the British general election and last year off the referendum before the results released, down 1.7% and 15.2%.

According to the London “2017 London Report" data show that last year the London office market attracted a total of 9.3 billion pounds of overseas investment, of which about 31.2% or about 2.9 billion pounds from Hong Kong enterprises. Looking at the property or projects bought by Hong Kong enterprises this year, mainly concentrated in the London core economic city and the Soho district, adjacent to the government departments and the main administrative organs, and the City (City of London) due to an area of ​​only about 2.6 square Km, also known as the “square mile" (Square Mile).

Hong Kong consortium for the first time in five months to invest in London details

Aiming at the three major landmarks in the city

China and Hong Kong coveted the three major landmarks of the City of London. May the news came, Lee Kum Kee Group intends to 30 St. Mart Ax (The Gherkin, cucumber) won, but the group did not respond to this. At the end of May, there were also news that Singapore’s Temasek and Zhongyu Land were all interested in bidding for 20% of Fenchurch Street (Walkie Talkie), at least £ 600m, and a spokesman for the Central China Land was responding Cities, seeking to acquire quality properties for long-term investment.

Another landmark, The Leadenhall Building (Cheesegrater, Cheese Planer) was acquired by Zhongyu Land. In March this year, Yu Land announced that to 1.135 billion pounds to buy the highest floor of the financial city of Lide He Building, Zhong Yu Land was informed that the acquisition of Lide He Building in line with the Group to invest in the global developed city of high quality property business strategy, Ha can provide stable and strong recurrent revenue.

Zhongyu Landing Vice Chairman Huang Zhiqiang has said that the devaluation of the pound is one of the main reasons for its successful acquisition of two local commercial buildings. Knight Frank and director of the Greater China Research and Consulting Division said that the most important reason for attracting Hong Kong companies was the devaluation of the pound, which fell more than 10% during the year, which was equivalent to 10% discount on the deal. The British election results released last week, the ruling Conservative Party failed to obtain half of the seats, Congress appears to suspend the situation so that the pound again pressure, investors or then take the opportunity to low-cost fishing.

Office rents rose up half

Short-term election results or negative investment climate, but the record said that the United Kingdom for the world’s top mature economies, coup and other serious events is extremely unlikely, in the long run can still attract global investors. As for Europe has been nearly a year, the news has long been digested, it is expected to London commercial rent or about 5% of the unit growth, I believe the second half of this year, Hong Kong companies will continue to sweep goods in London, the total may be more than last year Doubled.