Heng nearly 1.7 billion unified Haixing building

Developers actively mergers and acquisitions old buildings, Henderson Land (00012) through the strong shot to the reserve price of 1.689 billion yuan unified Tai Kok Tsui Haixing building rights, proposed 460 partners. The same area Fukuzawa Street demand-led project was co-operated by Chevalier International (00025) and re-designated the Urban Renewal Authority project for the Group since 12 years later.

Henderson Huang Hao Ming refers to the creation of Tai Kok Tsui Haixing Building for the Leo Square Series No. 3.

Jones Lang LaSalle was admitted to the Land Tribunal, 2 to 16A, Cape Point Street, Tai Kok Tsui, 35-47 Lid Street and 32-44 Fukui Street, Hoi Hing Building, from Henderson Land at $ 1,689 million , The building a few years ago had dismembered parents case.

Chevalier wins Tai Kok Tsui Fukuzawa Street redevelopment

Heng Hao executive director of the project, the project will be built for the Leo Square Series No. 3, the total floor of about 180,000 square feet, to be proposed 460, the average area of ​​about 330 square feet per piece of investment, the amount of about 2.6 billion yuan. He added that the same line of Fanling Ma Shui Po project still need to determine the amount of land premium, there is a need or enable land premium arbitration mechanism.

The URA announced that it would co-operate with Chevalier International to develop the reconstruction project at Fukui Street / Lee Tau Street in Tai Kok Tsui. The second time for the group following the beginning of two years to win the Zhejiang Street / rural road project, the second vote of the project. Fukuzawa Street project to provide residential floor about 54,000 square feet, can build about 96, the previous valuation of up to about 860 million yuan.

The small owners waiting for the opportunity to jointly mark the old building ownership, the Central Plains Surveyor Zhang Jingda refers to the North Point Far East Building, 85% of the title tender, the intention price of 400 million yuan, July 19 cut.