Heng nearly 1.7 billion strong shot Haixing Building

Hokkaido Property (0012) held more than 90% of the ownership of the large angle mouth Hai Xing Building yesterday to force the auction, the reserve price of 1.689 billion yuan, the largest case on this year’s strong film case, the results by the Executive Director Huang Haoming to the reserve price Have a project. Newspaper reporter comprehensive report

Haixing Building was completed in 1964 and is located at 2 – 16 and 24 – 16A, 24-47 Lidley Street and 32-44 Fukuzawa Street. It is a 9 – storey residential building offering 238 Residential units, there are 20 shops underground, the project site area of ​​20,114 square feet.

Mr Wong said the project would build a residential property with an average floor area of ​​180 sq ft and a gross floor area of ​​330 sq ft and an estimated total investment of $ 2.6 billion.

A total investment of 2.6 billion

Haixing building on the third floor of a room unit for the 2010 sensation of the big angle mouth to kill the parents of the case of the case, the case the next year after the unit was acquired Heng.

According to statistics, Henderson in the large angle mouth Jiashan Street 8 to 30A has also been approved, the construction of a 28-storey residential, floor up to 17.56 million square feet, providing about 514, expected the same main unit is expected to be in 2019 Completed at the beginning of the year, the fastest way to sell the end of this year or early next year.

Henderson has repeatedly won the old building, including the end of last month, the Land Tribunal on Henderson in Haixing Building compulsory auction application issued a sale order. In addition, Henderson also intends to apply to the Land Tribunal for the development of a large shopping mall in the vicinity of Kerry Street and Kau Cheung Street. , The project is expected to build an area of ​​200,000 square feet.

Had a high price of Murray Road commercial land

(1113), the new land (0016) and other eight consortium won the Central Merlin Road commercial, the premium per foot more than 50,000 yuan, regardless of land prices and floor The price of all the land sales in the history of a new record, the developer intends to invest 26 billion yuan into a new landmark building.

Formerly known as the Murray Road multi-storey car park building commercial king, land area of ​​31,000 square feet, can be built a total floor of 465,000 square feet, is more than two decades, the Government has Central commercial land for sale.