The second half of the property prices will slow down

In the first half of the year, the Hong Kong property market was booming and the primary flats were particularly hot, and although the government pushed mortgage tightening measures in May, property prices recorded a significant increase. In addition to benefiting from the new properties, local developers are also optimistic about the prospects of Hong Kong’s commercial buildings. Last month, the government announced the sale of the Murray Road parking lot commercial and Kai Tak commercial land has become the king, so that commercial and commercial land prospects are even more hot.

Temporary trading contracts are still high

The number of residential transactions in the temporary sale and purchase agreement (including primary and secondary residential transactions) rose to 7,060 levels in April, the highest level so far this year but fell to 5,732 in May, but compared with the first quarter, The total residential volume in the first two months of the quarter was up 74% from a year earlier. The prices of some major estates have risen 7% since the beginning of this year, while some of the estates, such as Shatin City, Tai Koo Shing and Bei Sha Wan, have increased by 10-15%. Wait. It is expected that there will still be room for growth in property prices, which is expected to rise by 5% in the second half of the year.

The current property prices hit record highs, and buyers are still enthusiastic about the market, causing a lot of today and the 1997 market comparison. However, Ted Leung’s vice president of Greater China and Greater China strategy development consultant director Tao Ruhong pointed out that the proportion of Hong Kong’s property market today is lower than in 1997, due to the market is currently in a low interest environment, coupled with government control measures greatly compressed today’s mortgage Borrowed so that the proportion of today’s buildings is lower than that of 1997.