Parking broke 5.18 million turnover

The price of Hong Kong property has been high and the increase has been strong, but the parking spaces have risen harder. A parking lot has reached a maximum of $ 5 million. King of the West (0163) development of the West Camp Victoria Harbor Peak, a 1 floor on the 14th parking spaces to 5.18 million yuan sold, expected a record high residential parking spaces in Hong Kong. Buyers for the 58-year-old Huarong Investment Executive Director Guan Weiming. According to statistics, buyers early last year to spend 55.23 million yuan to buy the property high B room, the practical area of ​​1,694 square feet, practical price of about 32,600 yuan. Also in December 2014, to 20,384,000 yuan to buy 11th floor E room.

North Point Far East Building tender

In addition, the Central Plains real estate commissioned by the owners, the exclusive agent of the North Point Far East Building, 85% of the ownership; It is learned that the Far East Building project of 480 million yuan, such as 85% of the trade accounted for about 400 million yuan.

The Far East Building is located at Block B, No. 3545, which is adjacent to King’s Road and Healthy East Street and Seven Sister Road junctions. The total site area is about 3891 square feet and is zoned for commercial / residential use.

NAPA plus 56 partners

Mr Tung Kwong-kwai, Managing Director of Wheelock Properties, said that the Tuen Mun Tuen Ngau Nakana Plus No. 7, involving the last 56 flats, including 21 2-room, 23 3-bedroom units, 7 gardens Special households and 5 rooftop special households, the practical area of ​​437 to 842 square feet, priced at 68.63 million to 13.462 million yuan, 12190 to 18,881 yuan per square foot, the average price of 14102 yuan per foot.

Developers to maintain the buyer to provide the highest property price of 12.5% ​​discount, discount price of 5.8 million to 11.376 million yuan, 10302 to 15,955 yuan, affordable real cost of 11917 yuan.

He pointed out that the unit more than the price on the price increase of 2% to 3%, the fastest sale on Saturday, expected to launch about half of them. NAPA still sold 313 shares, folding average price of 11,500 yuan per foot, accounting for 92% of the total supply of the project, including four independent houses, a total of 2.13 billion yuan cash.