Deng Chengbo auction 3 property market value of 5.7 billion

Market conditions booming, frequently into the market this year, a senior investor Deng Chengbo, while Wang Wang launched three large property auction, the total market value of 5.7 billion.

East Kowloon Bank Center bid doubled

In the first half of this year, at least more than 5 billion yuan into the market of Deng Chengbo, investment strategy in recent years, “there is no entry”, few selling goods, but see the market boom, commissioned agents to sell a number of large property. First Pacific Davis Investment Senior Director Fang Yongqing said he was entrusted to mark the East Kowloon Bank Center, No. 1, Industrial Street, Kwun Tong. The closing date was August 9. She refers to the total length of the project about 120,000 square feet, the intention of about 2.88 billion yuan. Looking for information, Deng Chengbo in 2014, to 1.08 billion yuan to buy the property, the former as a camel paint center, the latest price of nearly twice the price increase.

Fang Yongqing pointed out that the project was approved, can be used for the whole shop, the latest approval, the new buyers can build a lift elevator, converted into shopping malls use. Due to the small shopping malls in Kwun Tong, the project is attractive. It is expected that all rents will be rented and the monthly rental income will be more than $ 7.7 million. Another program can be used as a bank center, purchased by the bank for personal use, so the property name is changed to East Kowloon Bank Center.

In addition, Deng Chengbo also marked Wan Chai Jaffe Road 297 to 305 full property, formerly known as the Prince Hotel, the intention price of about 1.68 billion yuan, will be closed on July 11. New buyers can be purchased for the use of the hotel, can also be converted to commercial buildings, the current district with the commercial investment to turn around, is expected to receive consortium. Second, the Mong Kok Mei Dini Square shopping malls to about 1.18 billion yuan on sale, the total floor of 60,000 square feet, the store is now rented by HSBC and other banks. 3 property total market value of about 5.7 billion.