City Construction Tai Kok Tsui fine to grant its disabilities pressure 13 consortium investment in small and medium-sized units can be built less than 100

In recent years, large-scale residential land has been sought after by the Chinese consortium. However, the “mosquito-style" residential land launched by the URA has always been the “world" of the Hong Kong consortium. The latest residential area of ​​Fukui Street, Tai Kok Kok, 13 consortium vote. The industry is expected, the land for the construction of small and medium-sized units, the highest valuation of more than 600 million yuan, equivalent to each square feet up to 10,000 yuan.

Formerly known as the “Resident-oriented" redevelopment project at Ma Chuen Street, Tai Kok Tsui Fukui Street / Lead Street, covering an area of ​​about 8267 square feet and a total floor area of ​​about 6.2 million square feet, including about 55,000 square feet of residential floor, , As well as about 6857 square feet of commercial floor, can be built to shop or shopping malls, estimated 20 to 21 years completed. The URA announced yesterday that it has decided to co-operate with the Chevalier International to develop the project.

In fact, the valuation of the land also increased with the price of a number of land to astronomical prices, integrated market news, the project market valuation ranged from $ 490 million to $ 620 million, estimated per square foot price between 8000 yuan to 1 Million yuan, compared to the same district City Construction Bureau in April last year to move to the big angle chen tree Street project, when the market is estimated that the upper limit of only about 5,000 yuan per square foot; Thus, due to the past year, land prices rose, The valuation of the land is also higher than the full 1 times.

Limit half of the unit within 480 feet

In recent years, Chevalier International can be described as a regular visitor, and whenever the launch of the land tend to be actively marked, but the last investment in Hong Kong land, has been traced back to 12 years, partner Chen Shuqu family co-operation of the Urban Council, Township commercial and commercial development rights.

News that the Bureau of the successful consortium to limit the construction of the unit, at least half of the unit area to 260 to 480 square feet; visible the project will be the construction of small and medium-sized units.

First Pacific Davis Valuation and professional adviser Managing Director Chen Chaoguo said that because the land is located in the urban areas, suitable for the construction of small and medium-sized units, the supply of rare, the future project is completed, the project expected to be sought after by the district users, optimistic about the project in the future development of. According to the project, the size of the project is relatively small and the investment is only about $ 1 billion. Therefore, the large-scale developers bidding in Hong Kong is relatively conservative. However, the small and medium-sized consortium is bidding on the construction projects because of the difficulty in investing in large-scale projects. Aggressive.

Multiple redevelopment projects

Mr Chan pointed out that there were a number of redevelopment projects in the vicinity of Tai Kok Tsui. It will be developed from a new district to a new pool and a more dynamic community. Therefore, it is expected that there will be good development potential in the same district.

According to the news, the terms of the tender, the sales income of 1.05 billion yuan or more need to dividends, in accordance with the commercial and residential gross floor of about 61,000 square feet, that is, each square foot price of about 17,000 yuan or more to be dividends. The first 30 million yuan bonus 2 percent, followed by 30 million yuan increase of 10% until 120 million yuan, that is, sales revenue of more than 1.17 billion yuan, dividends will reach 5 percent.

In fact, the future of the project every square foot price of about 17,000 yuan began to dividend, compared to the Bureau last year launched another project with the district, when the price of about 12,000 yuan from the beginning began to dividend, which It can be seen that as the property market rises in recent years, the starting point of the dividend ratio also increases by 4%.

A total of 14 tenders were received from the Hong Kong Construction Bureau last month. The consortium was mainly subsidized by the Hong Kong consortium. Large developers included Cheung Kong, Xin He, Wheelock and Hong Kong Ferry. An real estate, King International, Jun and real estate, Regal Hotel, Dexiang real estate and far and so on.