Dai De Liang line: the second half of the property prices rose 5%

In the second quarter of this year, DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, vice president of Greater China and Greater China strategy development consultant director Tao Ruhong said that the current property market driven by the user to promote, rigid demand is still strong, there is still room to rise in the property market , Is expected in the second half is expected to rise 5%. He still said that there are many parents who have raised their children to the market, and the market still has enough purchasing power. He said, “There are a few people who have a lot of money." The aging of the population does not mean that the purchasing power will weaken.

Short-term low interest rates

For many people to the current property market compared with 1997, Tao Ruhong said that in 1997 the property market bubble behind the main reason for the financial turmoil, the current economic environment is not similar worries, the current mortgage interest rate is also lower than 97 years , The short term no “burst pot" risk, but also refers to the current even into the rate hike cycle, but the rate hike rate and rate is still slow, is expected to short-term buyers can still enjoy a low interest environment.

Mr Leung said that the Hong Kong investment and consultancy services executive director Ye Jianjun said that in recent months, Central and Kai Tak Commercial King has won high prices, so that investors are more interested in Grade A and Grade B office, while the owners offer more aggressive , The market price of Grade A commercial buildings generally about 20%, the price of the transaction price there is room for growth, the second half will have more large transactions, is expected this year, the total amount of property investment is expected to break last year’s record.