Happy Valley mansion 110 million easy to master

The recent luxury residential trading, Happy Valley Fenghui Taiwan, an ancient luxury owner, involving the 17th of the whole building, 5-storey building, the whole building area of ​​about 5140 square feet to 110 million yuan to sell, the average price of 14,400 yuan Yuan, the property was completed in 1970, and many years ago was listed three historical buildings. Fenghui Taiwan gathered old building mansion, the building features. It is understood that the property held by a number of small owners, earlier to 100% of the title to sell.

Price of 14,400 rows of three buildings

Hong Kong senior co-director Li Zhiwen said the Mid-Levels East Rose Village D Block Middle 2 rooms, an area of ​​2000 square feet, and even the terrace and parking spaces to 50.3 million yuan turnover, price of 25150 yuan per square foot, is the market price. The original owner in 81 to 3.5 million yuan to buy, book profit of about 46.8 million yuan, the appreciation of more than 14 times.

Century 21 Hao Tian real estate director Lu Jiarin said, Tai Po Beverly Hills Villa Tsui Hua Road double house transactions, an area of ​​1606 square feet to 16.3 million yuan to sell, 10149 yuan per square foot. The original owner in 2009 to 11 million yuan purchase, book profit of 5.3 million yuan, is the estate has always been the highest profit case.

Zhongguo Branch Senior Regional Co-Director Chen Guohui said, Sheung Shui Mansion Tian Luan 1 Ricky Avenue single house, an area of ​​1598 square feet, after the bargain to 20.5 million yuan to be received, the price of 12829 yuan per foot.