Henderson base price of 1.6 billion unified large angle mouth old building ownership total investment of 2.6 billion reconstruction for small and medium-sized units

The acquisition of many years of the big mouth mouth Hai Xing Building, earlier approved the strong beat order, the final sale yesterday by way of public auction, and Henderson to 16.89 billion yuan reserve price to win, the old building ownership, the floor price of about 9330 yuan; developers said the reconstruction project to build small and medium-sized units, providing about 460, with a total investment of about 2.6 billion.

Henderson has acquired the old buildings for many years for reconstruction purposes, and new projects have recently been added to increase land reserves. Located in the big mouth of the mouth of the building, yesterday by the Jones Lang LaSalle arrangements for strong film to the reserve price of 1.689 billion yuan to shoot, by holding No. 2 Henderson representatives on behalf of.

Haixing rebuilt 180,000 floors

On behalf of the Group’s Henderson Executive Director Huang Haoming, after the project, said that if the single-shot price and construction costs, is expected to total investment of about 2.6 billion yuan, the total floor of about 18 million square feet, , The average area of ​​about 330 square feet per team. Huang continued, the Group has been in recent years, the acquisition of large mouth mouth area old building, plans to the nearby development projects for four Leo Square series of development, including a Leo Square. Xiao Hong has been sold in 2015, and this project will develop into the third period.

He did not successfully acquire the full title of the Haixing Building two years ago and has applied for the building plans and approved the building plans. According to the information provided by the Buildings Department, the site was approved to build a commercial property with a height of 26 floors. In fact, the building on the 3rd floor of a unit, in March 2013 had a son murder dead body case, sensation the whole city.

As for the same type of Fanling Ma Shui Po project, Huang Hao Ming said that the project has not yet completed the land exchange procedures, but also waiting for the Government to determine the amount of land premium, or will enable land premium arbitration mechanism.

Far East tender intention price of 400 million

In addition, the North Point Far East Building, which launched the market auction at the end of 2015, took advantage of the re-launch of 85% of the market tender. The intention price was $ 400 million. After the purchase of buyers can be used for residential or commercial development purposes, in accordance with the plot ratio, the project can provide about 31,000 square feet of residential floor, or 58,000 square feet of commercial floor. The project will be closed on July 19.

He said that the Far East Building is located at 7/7 Sung Sung Road, North Point, with a total site area of ​​about 3891 square feet. It is zoned “Commercial / Residential" and is now a 1-storey commercial and residential property. Zhang Jingda, executive director of Zhongyuan Survey Office, said that if the property was relocated to the development of pure residential property, the maximum plot ratio would be 8 times, and the maximum floor price would be about 31,000 square feet. The total project price would be RMB 480 million The average price of about 15420 yuan. In addition, the site can also be developed into commercial projects, the largest plot ratio was 15 times, the highest floor can be built about 58,000 square feet, equivalent to an average price of about 8224 yuan.