SSD last month rose 53%

The Inland Revenue Department (HKEA) announced yesterday that there were 3 cases involving three hot taxes, of which 53 were additional stamps (SSDs) and about 29% on a monthly basis.

However, the remaining two spicy taxes both fell, especially double the ad valorem stamp duty (DSD), which reflects the market entry of investors. The number of monthly transactions decreased by 38%, that is, the Government tightened the “one or more" spicy tax loopholes , Investor activity has declined.

According to the Inland Revenue Department, 53 cases were recorded in respect of property transactions involving additional stamp duty, up by 29% in 41 cases in April and the amount of tax involved was $ 25.3 million, up from $ 17.7 million in April Up 43% for this year’s new high.

DSD and BSD prices fell

As for the double stamp duty last month recorded 2525 cases, compared with 3027 cases in April, down 16.6%, of which 482 residential, compared with 783 recorded in April, down 38.4%, as for non-residential accounted for 2043 , Compared with 2244 cases in April, down 9%, the decline was not as obvious as residential.

The total tax on DSD in May was $ 1,623.1 million, of which $ 614.1 million was residential, down 29% month-on-month, non-residential $ 1,073.3 billion and down 11.4% on a monthly basis.

In addition, mainly to reflect the situation of overseas buyers to the market stamp duty, the situation is similar with the DSD, recorded in May 157, compared with 281 in April, down 44.1%, the lowest since the record this year, while the tax with the same See the decline, to 4.601 billion yuan, compared with 7.17 billion yuan in April, down 36%, was the price Qi Qi.