Full building commercial value of high investment focus


The market chain appears to be astronomical commercial king, commercial property into the pursuit of the object. As commercial rents up, coupled with land prices made good, the owners have to take advantage of the increase, the introduction of all commercial buildings.


The construction of the whole building last year was the focus of investment, including the Everbright Group’s purchase of $ 10 billion from the Tai Chi Financial Center in Wan Chai and the purchase of the Kwun Tong Commercial Building at $ 5.6 billion for the Jin Tai Fung (01031). This year’s commercial land is highly watched. Recently, Henderson (00012) and Nam Fung have won the Central Merida Road Car Park and Kai Tak Commercial, reflecting the well-being of Hong Kong, which is very promising for commercial properties. In fact, in the past two years, the rents of commercial buildings have continued to rise. In particular, the rents of Hong Kong Island’s core area are overdue and the rents of other commercial areas are also up and the vacancy rate is very low. Therefore, the consortium attaches great importance to commercial properties.


Single title is entitled to name


The whole property is sought after, especially the whole building commercial value is high, because the single title management is better, the quality is guaranteed. And a single ownership of commercial buildings which is a big value, that is, new buyers may have property naming rights, such as Everbright Group purchased Wan Chai full of commercial buildings, the recent renovation project has been renamed the Everbright Center, both self-use also promoted Effect.


The other property sales of the whole large amount of buyers and sellers to the company more than the form of transfer of shares to avoid stamp duty, improve buyers interest in the market. In the current low interest rates of funds, the whole building owners are also due to market price increases on sale, so the whole building price and price per square foot, often higher than the market price.