West Victoria Harbor Peak parking lot 5.18 million to sell your absolute territory

Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong peak parking spaces to 5.18 million yuan to sell, the first break 5 million mark, a new high price of the whole port, enough to buy the new sector on the two-wheel unit. Scholars believe that the astronomical market parking spaces, buyers are not rich is expensive, I believe there is a need for personal use.

The peak of Sai Ying Pun Victoria Harbor, which was developed by Emperor Wong (00163), gave birth to the first bus in Hong Kong to cost more than $ 5 million. According to EPRC economic real estate library data show that the project on the 1st floor double parking spaces, developers in May to 5.18 million yuan sales, hit a new high parking spaces in Hong Kong.

Extra large parking is available at 188 sq. Ft

According to the project book, Victoria Harbor has 64 private parking spaces, of which only the second floor of the second floor of the transaction, and the second floor is the number of “extra large parking spaces", an area of ​​188 square feet, about 135 square feet 4 into. In addition, the parking spaces at the unilateral, access is relatively convenient.

To the project 125 households, that is close to every two before the allocation of a parking space to luxury residential projects, the parking space is relatively small.

Data show that the parking lot buyers for Guan Weiming, and Huarong Investment (02277) executive director of the same name. Inspection records, Guan Weiming held two units of Victoria Harbor, the purchase price of 20.38 million and 5,523 million, respectively, and the other to spend 3.98 million and 3.78 million yuan, the purchase of the first floor of the project two parking spaces, if the newly purchased 1 floor Parking spaces, Guan has purchased three parking spaces, involving 12.94 million yuan, equivalent to the first city of Sha Tin three two-bedroom units.

Sai Ying Pun West Mid-Levels of the most expensive 10 parking spaces

At present, the first 10 parking spaces in Hong Kong are the most expensive, all by Sai Ying Pun and West Midtown parking spaces, including Hong Kong and Dun Ho, worth between $ 4.18 million and $ 5.18 million. In fact, the most expensive parking lot in Hong Kong is $ 8,000 per month. In this calculation, the deduction of 5.18 million yuan to buy parking spaces, enough to pay about 54 years of rent. To invest in terms of rent point of view is not cost-effective, I believe buyers are necessary for their own use.

City University Building Science and Technology Division senior lecturer Pan Yongxiang pointed out that the high price of luxury cars to undertake, mainly due to supply and demand problems caused by imbalance. However, can afford tens of millions of luxury property buyers, do not mind the purchase of parking spaces at astronomical price, in terms of opportunity cost, with the building has a convenient parking space, saving time, definitely worth paying 5.18 million yuan To get.

In fact, the price of Victoria Harbor Peak is enough to purchase Tin Shui Wai Kingswood Villa and the two cities in Shatin City. Pan Yongxiang frankly, such property has been distorted, in fact, luxury car parking spaces are niche market, with unique, the goal is to have hundreds of thousands of net worth of home buyers. For them, 3 million yuan or 5 million yuan, respectively, is not large, and such parking spaces worth more than 6 million yuan, nor is it possible. As for the overall parking price, the material will continue to rise with the housing market prices.