Will be over half a year sales of more than 950 people NAPA plus push

In the first half of the year, the sales volume of the NAPA was the highest in the last batch. %, Of which 31 shares on Saturday (17) sale.

Layered 56 individual tired fare 6%

The latest batch of 437 to 842 square feet per unit, all 2,3 room units, priced at 68.63 million to 13.36 million yuan, priced at 12,190 to 18,881 yuan, discounts remain unchanged to the current batch of discounts Up to 15.5% of the total price of 5.8 million to 11.18 million yuan, 10,302 to 15,955 yuan,

Will be the executive director of Wheelock Real Estate Huang Guangyao said that the increase in the previous batch of 2% to 3%, that the moderate increase to the total value of nearly 500 million yuan, total sales of 313, cash 2.33 billion yuan , The average transaction price of about 11,500 yuan.

If the first batch of units launched in mid-October compared to the project, the cumulative increase of 6%. For example, a new 3-storey room B, with an area of ​​827 sq ft and a discounted price of $ 10,302, and the first one of the 3rd floor C rooms, with the former adjoining units, an area of ​​830 sq ft, 9,719 yuan, 8 months fare increase of about 6%.

Project cooperation with the Central Plains, to promote the housing part of Shenzhen GRAND NAPA, Central Plains real estate Asia Pacific vice president and president of residential Chen Yongjie said that the Central Plains Shenzhen has 470 branches, supporting enough to promote spending only about 10 million.