DSD residential transactions last month 482 cases fell 38%

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Double Stamp Duty (DSD), which reflects investors’ entry into the market, fell 4 percent to 482 units on a monthly basis, according to data from the Inland Revenue Department. 3 months low.

In April, the Government tightened the exemption of more than one package, which led to a decline in the market investment climate and a decrease in the number of transactions with DSD.

According to the data released by the Inland Revenue Department, the double duty of residential flats recorded in May was 482, down 38% on a monthly basis, ending a two-month rally in two consecutive months. The number recorded in March this year was 387, The tax was raised to over 15% of the total amount of over 2,000, down by over 7% and the tax involved was about $ 610 million, down by 29% on a monthly basis.

In the case of non-residential DSD transactions, 2,043 cases were recorded in May, down 9% on a monthly basis. There were 2,525 DSDs for the whole property and 17% on a monthly basis.

BSD recorded 157 per month by 44%

As for the same period, Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) recorded 157, down 44% from the previous month, which recorded a post-low of about $ 150 million in February, compared with the end of last year Low, the situation reflects the reduction of mainland buyers and other overseas buyers.

(Special Stamp Duty, SSD) against the market rose 29% to 53 cases, the most important is to hold more than 1 year accounted for nearly 90% of the overall case.