Sea shopping malls the fastest completion of the third quarter of next year

New Territories West two-phase push, Tsuen Wan sea love base shopping mall officially named, will provide 300 shops, completed in the third quarter of next year, Kam Tin North PARK YOHO Genova days upstairs book, this is open to the media floor.

By the real estate (01113) and the MTR (00066) cooperation in the Tsuen Wan Sea Love? Love Hyunmei is about to launch, the project base shopping malls, yesterday named “sea love shopping malls (OP Mall)”.

“O” and “P” are taken from the English name Ocean Pride, and the sign is formed in a heart-shaped shape with O and P overlapping, and blue and red symbolize the sea and love, and the sea is in love with the sea. project name.

Shopping malls a total of 4 layers of rent 50 to 200 yuan

Sea shopping malls a total of four high, construction area of ​​430,000 square feet, providing about 300 shops. Mr Wong is expected to pay about 50 to 200 yuan per foot after the completion of the future, will provide fashion, education, cosmetics and supermarkets and other different types of shops, the fastest completion of the third quarter of next year.

Data show that the love of the sea part of the first phase of the expected completion date for the end of September next year, expected shopping malls will be opened before and after the opening of residential.

Long real estate investment director Guo Zewei said that the second phase of the sea of ​​love the sea love show the United States and the floor of the book near the completion of the end of the month will be officially sold.

On the eve of the sale of the second issue, the developer will raise the first phase of the fare increase, the six six very high units to raise the price of 3%, the latest discount price of 19.83 million to 29.99 million yuan, folding price of 25,749 yuan and 25,751 yuan.

Clear water Bay proud of long over half of the cumulative sale of 32 groups

On the other hand, the new land (00016) Yuen Long Kam Tin North PARK YOHO Genova, today officially open to the media floor, have the opportunity to simultaneously upload the book.

The project was scheduled to open the floor yesterday to the media to visit, but due to weather problems delayed, the new deputy director of the Thunder response, the typhoon did not affect the preparation of the push plate, scheduled open this week demonstration units.

Developers yesterday introduced the Club GARDA, the second clubhouse, to provide about 70 club facilities with Club 1 Club Club 1.

Chen Hanlin, general manager of the new agency, said the project garden is about 160 meters, an area of ​​130,000 square feet, 1.26 times for the Hong Kong Stadium grassland stadium, the other water area of ​​16,000 square feet, Hong Kong four seasons hotel swimming pool area of ​​3 times, As for the banquet hall indoors, outside can accommodate more than 300 guests, for wedding banquet.

He continued to refer to the PARK YOHO Genova management fee and a similar period, a management fee of about 3.86 yuan per square foot per month.

Another new world (00017) Clear Water Bay Taku, less than half of the cumulative sale of 32, cash more than 560 million yuan, and for the first time to sell a new type of special seat D Block G5 room, an area of ​​2,201 square feet, even the garden 564 square feet, the price of 4,886.22 Million, the transaction price of 22,200 yuan.

According to the transaction book, since the sale of the project, the sale of 71 shares, nearly 1.63 billion yuan, the average price of about 20,000 yuan, the average price of nearly 23 million yuan per group, more than half of the unit is a special household, reflecting the characteristics of households Market sought after.