Ngau Tau Kok Shops $56 million and $24 million

The anti-reform exercise continued, affecting the market sentiment

and then there were shops selling at a price. According to market news, the underground shop of Yan’an Building, No. 357-375 Niu Tau Kok Road, Kwun Tong, is the Golden Sand Restaurant. The building area is about 1400 square feet. The owners will rent 80 million yuan in the market before the mid-repair exercise this year. For sale, but for a long time did not undertake, the final price of 24 million yuan, a reduction of 30%, to change the hands of 56 million yuan, the price of 40,000 yuan.

Holding goods for 54 years, earning 430 times on the books

At present, the store is rented out at a price of 138,000 yuan. As of August 2022, the new owners can enjoy a rental return of about 3%.

It is understood that the original owner bought in January 1965 with a first-hand price of 130,000 yuan

and the profit of holding the goods for 54 years was 55.87 million yuan, up 430 times. The agent said that after the shop was rented out in January 2014 for $165,000, the tenant abandoned the rent in April 2016, and the owner then rented 16% to rent the current tenant Jinsha Restaurant. He believes that after the improvement of the atmosphere in the future, the rent on the site is expected to rise.

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