There is no one in the semi-price of the securities firm

The turnover of Hong Kong stocks has shrunk, and the securities banks are in a hurry!

In addition to a number of “hands-on” surrenders, market news indicates that the recent “release” price of securities firms has fallen by at least 30% to 50%, with one holding No. 1 (dealing in securities) and No. 4 (providing securities) Opinions and the number 9 (providing asset management) card brokers, the asking price is only 5 million yuan, more than 10 million yuan than the previous price, fell more than 50%, but no one cares.

The securities business is weak, and there is still no interest in the big price cuts

The industry has pointed out that at present, the “base price" of securities firms is not known at all. It is believed that in the current severe environment, the number of cards that will be returned to the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission by voluntary completion should be more than the number of successful sales!

“No. 1 card is worth the money"

Amidst the Sino-US trade war and the social turmoil in Hong Kong, the local securities industry has become increasingly harsh. According to the comprehensive market news, the recent “release" of securities firms has fallen sharply. “A brokerage company with Qi, No. 4 and No. 9 licenses is still operating at a loss, but it has been idle for more than RMB 10 million in the past. At the peak period, it has tried nearly 20 million yuan, but recently it has opened a price of 5 million. Yuan put on the plate!"

“Another brokerage firm is estimated to have a private enterprise background. There are Qi No.1, No.2 (futures trading), No.4 and No.9 selling, and the asking price is only 10 million yuan. Zhongzhong has a price to talk about! Both have to pay a price of six or seven million yuan, but the four cards of the family are all 10 million yuan, which is sold by Daping, and the market is uninteresting. No one is interested. However, there are some problems in the line. A responsible person (RO), the futures department is a barge broker, the same as the eclipse."

Yan Wenxing, a spokesperson for the financial professional policy of the Public Professional Alliance, said that due to the Sino-US trade war, the price of securities firms has fallen by at least 30% in the past year. “According to the market conditions, the first card is not worth much. It costs only about two to three million yuan. If there is no trading right, it is only a bargaining agent. The price is cheaper. It costs 500,000 to 1 million yuan! The card is about three to five million yuan."

Nighttime extra cost

Wang Guoan, president of the Securities and Futures General Association, said that although the securities banks are “big flat selling", there are very few buyers in the market. Everyone has to wait and see. The release is “priceless and no market", and the situation will be even more severe at the end of the year. “The business of Yijia Securities is not good, and there is a chaos in the city. Even if you have money to do securities, you will dispel your thoughts." Moreover, “the recent approval of the Securities and Futures Commission is fast, and the company has set up its own securities firm. Office and application (license) time, etc., the annual fee is about 2 million yuan."

The president of the Investor Institute, Tan Shaoxing, also pointed out that when the city is booming, many people will actively lobby the brokerage dealers to sell cards, and more agents will specialize in this business. “Generally, they are corporate finance, lawyers, accountants, etc. When the city is in a prosperous time, it will be buried in securities trading, because there are a large number of mainland tourists. The most exaggerated, when a securities firm enters the paper to apply to the Securities and Futures Commission, it will be released!"

“But the time shift is easy. No one in the family has been lobbying for the sale of cards. Even the agents have no more fishing. The price of the securities firm is linked to the performance of the stock market and the transaction. It is now generally down by 50%." He also pointed out that some securities experts have used to Because the price is too high to sell, I am very sorry now.

According to market news, there has recently been a traditional local securities firm with stocks and futures cards. It does not want to continue to operate and intends to return the cards to the Securities and Futures Commission. “Always local funds are limited, and they are not very resistant!"

Tan Shaoxing continued, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388) had earlier added the “night" to the market at 3 am. Due to the additional recruitment of personnel in the evening, in order to avoid cost increases, several experts wanted to return the cards to the Securities and Futures Commission.

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