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Residential property prices on Hong Kong Island have always been higher. However, it is rare for the North Point to have a selling price of less than four goals. A single unit of more than 100 square meters in the single-storey Jiayun Building in the district has a asking price of only over 3 million yuan, which is expected to be the flatest in the zone.

The Jiayun Building is about thirty-four years old and offers about ninety-two people.

Jiayun 153呎 3.88 million

On the 21st of the 21st, Chen Zhuofeng pointed out that the admission unit of Jiayun Building is the middle floor C room, with a practical area of ​​153 square meters, which is an open space, and the selling price is about 25,359 yuan. The unit was recently rented out, with a monthly rent of $9,500 and a rent of $62. It is now sold together with the lease. The rental return is about 2.9%. The property currently has about 4 listings, all of which are connected, and another mini-house in the same area has a asking price of 4.18 million yuan.

The admission unit is priced at 3.88 million yuan. As the tenancy agreement is released, the maximum amount can be mortgaged at 50%, and the first period is 1.94 million yuan. At present, the general supply rate is about 2.375%, and the repayment period is 25 years. The monthly supply is about 8,600 yuan. Assuming the buyer is the first customer, he only needs to pay 2.25% of the property price as the ad valorem stamp duty, which is about 87,000 yuan.

The information shows that the Ka Wing Building, which is about 34 years old, is situated at Yue Yuen Street, North Point. It is situated between the MTR North Point Station and Fortress Hill Station. It provides about 92 flats. Among them, there are more than 40 units with only 153 square meters. Due to the small number of people, the building has been neglected. The most recent transaction was a low-rise 153 square meter. It was sold at 3.11 million yuan in March this year. 20,327 yuan.

Fu Lilai’s price is called Wanjiu

Chen also pointed out that if the funds are abundant, the Fulilai Building, which has a larger scale, can be selected in the same district. The entrance unit is the 3rd floor of Block A, with a saleable area of ​​238 square meters. The open design is even priced at 4.7 million yuan. The price is 19,748 yuan. At present, there are about 7 listings, and the rest of the asking price is more than 5 million yuan.

Based on the release, together with the lease sale, the first phase of 2.35 million yuan, the first buyer must pay about 106,000 yuan ad valorem stamp duty. At present, the general supply rate is about 2.375%, and the repayment period is 25 years. The monthly supply is about 10,400 yuan.

Fulilai Building is located on Jinghua Road and consists of 3 buildings. It has about 238 people and a practical area of ​​225 to 238 square meters. It is about 37 years old. It is close to the MTR Fortress Hill Station and has shops on the pedestal. The property has the same low-rise 2 rooms, with a saleable area of ​​225 square meters. It has recently sold for 4 million yuan and the price is 17,778 yuan.

In fact, most of the flat-priced sources in the district are even leased. Most of the flats in the flats are more than “five-balls". Therefore, buyers of such flats are mainly renters. It is worth noting that as the number of flats provided by such properties is small and the age of the buildings is over 30 years, there will be more opportunities for residents to share the cost of maintenance in future buildings.