The number of flats in Ap Lei Chau has dropped nearly 50%. The impact of political events

The second-hand property market is in a downturn

Trading in the trading market continues to be low. At present, the major price cuts can attract buyers’ attention. The number of flats in Ap Lei Chau has decreased by nearly half. The four indicator housing estates in the district are only in the sea in August. The Yee Peninsula recorded a transaction, and successive units sold at a low market price, including 633 square units, sold for 10.55 million, and the low market price was about half.

He Zhenyu, senior business manager of, pointed out that the atmosphere in the Ap Lei Chau district is deserted. In the case of sub-behavior, only about 4 or 5 groups of customers were bought and sold in the weekend, which is 20% in the normal market. 30 groups. With the sharp decline in the number of towers, trading has slowed down. 4 major housing estates in the district, including South Horizons, Sham Wan Xuan, South Bay and Southern District. On the left bank, only 9 transactions were recorded in the South Horizon Peninsula in August, and the average average price was about 16,400 yuan. As for the 4 estates in July, about 15 transactions were recorded.

Haiyi Peninsula 2 rooms 8.76 million

Haiyi Peninsula is the largest housing estate in the district, providing more than 9,800 units. In recent months, the sales of individual owners have been reduced. The attitude of individual owners has softened and low-priced goods. He Zhenyu said that the 33 low-rise A room on the South Horizons has a practical area of ​​521 square meters. Hey, 2 rooms are separated, looking out to the mall to open the building, the transaction price is 8.76 million, the low market price is about half, and the price is 16814 yuan.

Deng Huihao, the joint regional manager of Midland Realty, said that the prospective buyers in the Haiyi Peninsula are mainly for the use of flats, among which there are many outsiders, and the three-bedroom large units are more popular. Recently, 20 middle-floor E rooms have been recorded. The practical area is about 633 square meters. To the southeast, the hall looks at the city view. The room looks at a small amount of sea view, with a change of 10.55 million, which is about 5% lower than the same type of unit.

Shenwan Xuan recorded a zero transaction last month

The same type of transaction was recorded in May. It was 20 high-rise E rooms. The floor was higher than the upper site, but the interval and the available area were the same, with 11.2 million. However, there are not many cases of low market prices mentioned above. At present, the landlord’s bargaining space is slightly widened, reaching about 3% to 8%. The overall release of the Haiyi Peninsula is about 380, and the market share is stable. The two- and three-bedroom units are priced at about 8.5 million and 9.8 million respectively.

Recently, the market sentiment was quiet, and with the impact of the trade war, the wait-and-see atmosphere was strong. The individual housing estates in Ap Lei Chau temporarily recorded zero transactions this month. Liang Haoxiang, deputy division manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, revealed that the recent decline in the number of buildings in Shenwanxuan fell from about 25 to 30 per week in July to about 15 groups per week, so no transactions were recorded in August. In July, only one transaction was recorded in the housing estate. It is a very high-rise F room. The practical area is about 483 square meters. It belongs to the Kyrgyzstan, and it is changed to 9.1 million. The price is about 18,841 yuan.

It consists of 3 houses and offers more than 1,000 people in Shenwanxuan. There are about 45 selling plates, 20 of which are more market-priced, mainly 2-bedroom, and the price of 2-room entrance units is 8.6 million. The admission price for the household is 12 million.

South Bay 1 room price 21555 yuan

Nanwan in the same district was not recorded in August. Zhongjing Real Estate’s chief divisional business manager, Lou Jinghao, pointed out that Nanwan recorded one transaction in July, three in June, and nine high-level units in July. Room D, 463 square meters of practical area, is a fine 1 room, has been handed over the Kyrgyz key plate, the original price of 10.8 million, the final sale of 9.98 million, the price of 21555 yuan. At present, there are about 145 flats in the housing estates. The same type of flats are even more than 10 million flats. The maximum number of leases is more than 10 million. The number of seats in the Kyrgyzstan is over 12 million. The first level is 596 square feet and 1 room. The price of the lease is 14 million.

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