The old family of 1.5 billion to buy Australian commercial buildings

Recently, social movements have continued, and investors have been looking for capital outlets overseas

There are veteran families in Hong Kong who have invested heavily in the entire commercial building of Sydney’s Sydney core commercial district. The price is about 1.67 billion (A$315 million) and the return rate is about 4.7%.

According to market sources, the entire commercial building (see photo) is located at No. 6 O’Connell Street, Sydney

The total floor area is about 173,063 square meters, the occupancy rate is 95%, and the monthly rent is about 6.625 million (annual rent of 15 million Australian dollars), mainly for financial purposes. Institutional tenants, the building is 26 stories high and each floor is about 6458 square meters. The property was completed in 1970 and refurbished in 2017. Last year, “Toy King" Cai Zhiming purchased the same building from 20 Bridge Street in the same district and the whole building in this time. According to the news, this year’s O’Connell Street No. 6 commercial building “Dayu" was promoted by Colliers International.

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