Olympic Station Junhui Port Low-rise sea view 2 rooms priced at 20,000

Junhui Port 2 room sea view households, with 9.6 million

The industry hosted a 1.6-fold appreciation in 12 years.

Li Zhenjie, the 21st century property in the 21st century, said that the latest transaction of Junhui Port is based on 6 low-rise E rooms with a practical area of 478 square feet and 2 rooms spaced to enjoy the sea view to the west. With 9.6 million yuan changed hands, the price of 20,084 yuan.

The original owner purchased it for 3.73 million yuan in 2007

Since the end of the year, the book has earned 5.87 million yuan to leave the market and has appreciated 1.6 times.

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