OMA increase building by discount plus push to raise price space

Liang Fuhua, Assistant Sales Director of Wing Tai Real Estate Development, said that there are about 80 hawkers in the price list of OMA in Tuen Mun

The Group will deploy a new round of sales depending on the market conditions. It is expected that the unit will increase the price of the unit in the future. Partner. In addition, developers are taking mortgages to launch mortgages.

As for the remaining 38 houses and two special households for sale in THE CARMEL, the board has already obtained occupation permits and will open the current building for a short time.

The project sold 279 people

In addition, the Central Plains mortgage for OMA OMA launched a mortgage offer, the company’s managing director Wang Meifeng said that the high return H, the full-time interest rate H plus 1.24%, and the capping interest rate protection P minus 2.9% (P is 5.375 PCT), the actual interest rate is as low as 2.475%. In addition, the low-interest P is reduced by 3% in the whole period (P is 5.375%), and the actual interest rate is as low as 2.375%.

In addition, Wheelock Real Estate Development Tuen Mun GRAND NAPA yesterday issued a B5 bungalow in a tender manner, covering an area of ​​2,494 square feet, belonging to 4 suite units, with a turnover of 40,402,800, and a price of about 16,200 yuan.

Langtao price of 32,500 broken top

Yingjun Dapu Baishijiao Langtao 2, 15th Floor, 16th Floor, Duplex B Room, 2767 square, and 1060 Fangyu Tiantai and 363 Fangyi platform, with a price of 89.928 million, a price of 32,500, both of which are The project has a new high.

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