OMA price increase and push 50 groups, price 13130 ​​yuan

OMA price increase and push 50 groups, price 13130 ​​yuan

First-hand residential plaques again, China Overseas (00688) Tai Po Tianzhu implemented a total of 332 gangs on Saturday (13th) and even bidding; Yongtai Real Estate (00369) Tuen Mun 笏 OMA OMA joined the battle group yesterday, yesterday Pushing 50 gangs, the average price rose slightly by about 1.5% to 13130 ​​yuan. On Saturday, even the tenders sold 110 gangs; and Xindi (00016) Tuen Mun Yu Mid-Level II also deployed the attack, so that there were 5 sets against Saturday. 473 people. Another big hot property, Tuen Mun Jing Yu, yesterday pushed a new price list, involving 120 groups, the average price of the real price was 17,167 yuan, and it is expected to issue sales arrangements within the day.

OMA OMA yesterday pushed a new price list of 50 gangs, with an average price of 13130 ​​yuan, a slight increase of about 1.5% compared with the previous price list; the project also launched an open-plan unit for the first time, a total of 4 groups, of which 3 groups have low prices. At 4 million yuan.

Open debut

There are also two groups on the price list that have exceeded 10 million yuan, of which 2B is the 17th floor G room, the practical area is 750 square meters, the price is 103.32 million yuan, the price is a record high, the price is 13776 yuan.

Zhong Zhilin, executive director and sales and marketing director of Wing Tai Real Estate Development, said that OMA OMA’s new 50-price list is the original price increase; the project has sold 167 pairs so far, the cash is about 940 million yuan, and the average transaction price is 13031 yuan. Mainly from the Tsuen Wan and Castle Peak Road areas, about 35% of visitors from Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. For the new district in the same district, it will be put on sale. He believes that the positioning of the two will be different and will not create competition. The promotion of a number of new discs will help the market to return to the New Territories. The developer issued a sales arrangement last night, launching 110 groups for sale on Saturday, a batch of 83 new and old price lists for sale, and a batch of 27 for B batch.

700 drills for the day, 332 pairs for sale on Saturday

Tianzhu sold 332 gangs on Saturday, of which 184 gangs were sold on the A-lot price list, including 4 gangs of goods that re-issued the price increase of 8.7% yesterday; another 148 gangs were sold on the same day by tender. According to market news, the project received about 700 votes last night, which was 2.8 times higher than the unit sold in batch A. The above two sets, together with Yumiyama Phase II (10 groups), Jiaxi (15 groups) and New World (00017) North Point Park Ulsan (6 groups), sold 473 teams in 5 sets on Saturday.

The Jinglu, which is known as the “Dragon Bed", pushed 120 people yesterday, and the average price was 17167 yuan. It has not broken new highs. The price on the price list is less than 2 million yuan. The unit has disappeared. The price was 2.103 million to 6.81 million yuan, and the number of units available for sale increased to 347. Only the top 7 featured households have not yet been launched. It is reported that the sales arrangements will be announced within the day. The project became more and more brave. The market said that the number of new tickets was up to 2,500 on a single day yesterday. The total number of tickets increased sharply to 6,800, with 347 buddies, over 18.6 times.