Actively open the process of capital internationalization

The Shanghai Stock Exchange said that it will seize development opportunities, promote reforms and promote development through openness, actively realize interconnection with more overseas capital markets, facilitate cross-border investment between domestic and foreign investors, and promote win-win development of economic and financial cooperation among countries

The reform and opening up of China’s capital market has been continuously pushed into the depths, and a new chapter in the process of internationalization has been continuously opened.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange pointed out that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 29th anniversary of the establishment of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, in recent years, MSCI, FTSE Index, S&P Dow Jones and other international mainstream indexes have successively included A-shares, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange has become one of the world’s most prominent representatives of emerging capital markets. The internationalization of the Shanghai Stock Exchange market continues to increase.

On June 17 this year, Huluntong’s first Global Depositary Receipt (GDR) product issued by Huatai Securities, a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, was listed on the London Stock Exchange, and Huluntong West officially opened its business

This is another iconic project for the two-way opening of the Chinese capital market after the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. In addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is actively exploring innovative cooperation models with other exchanges. On June 25 this year, the China-Japan ETF interoperability project was officially opened. Four Chinese and Japanese ETF interoperable products were successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, opening up a new mode of interconnection between exchanges. As of July 31, the four products of the East Exchange were more active, with an average daily turnover of 42.93 million yuan, and the market liquidity was good. The overall transaction of the four products from the West to the Japan Exchange was stable, and the product scale increased slightly, especially the Mitsubishi Huaan 180 ETF. The scale of assets increased by a large margin

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