Leofang • Xiao Ansong tied the owner to reduce the price by 10%

Spicy recruits loosely tied the owners in order to cash in and save the price, not hesitate to sell at a reduced price

The lower floor G room of Leofang • Xiao’an, Mong Kok, was released for about one month with a price of 6 million yuan. The outsiders successfully negotiated about 610,000 yuan or 10%, purchased for 5.39 million yuan, and the unit appreciated by about 30% for three years.

Leofang Xiaoan this month, the record of the hot tie loose

Hong Kong Real Estate Hu Yaocai said that the unit is located at a distance of one room, looking north to the city, with a practical area of ​​255 square meters. The buyer’s favorite unit price is appropriate, so the building will be put into the market once, and the transaction price is 21,137 yuan. The previous site was purchased by the original owner in the first year of the year for about 4.162 million yuan, and the book earned about 1.228 million yuan.

Middle-class households earned 41% in three years

The Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng City has also successfully sold goods for three years. The Lijiage Gold said that the property has three left-wing mid-floor D rooms with a usable area of ​​728 square meters. The three-bedroom room consists of a suite and a multi-purpose room. The upper site was priced at 9.5 million yuan for sale in August. After the bargaining price, it was reduced by 900,000 yuan or 9.5%, with a price of 8.6 million yuan and a price of 11,813 yuan. The unit has appreciated by about 2.52 million yuan or 41% since 1996. The market recorded two transactions this month. The average utility price was 12,131 yuan. There are about 174 disk sources, and the asking price starts from 8.68 million yuan.

The bank’s Peng Jintian also pointed out that the two-bedroom households in the middle floor of Room 3, Tsing Yi Greenfield Garden, were resold for $5.77 million, with a price of 15,679 yuan. It is understood that the original owner entered the market with a price of about 4.18 million yuan in August of the year, and soon after the loosening, the account earned about 1.59 million yuan. Since September, the project has recorded about two transactions. The average practical price is 15,894 yuan. At present, the trading price is about 20, and the entrance price starts from 5.78 million yuan.

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