Owners wait and see

Since the introduction of the unsubsidised unit sub-leasing scheme last year, the HS has been indifferent to the outside world

There have been no cases of “breaking fast" for more than a year, even this improvement plan.

Planned implementation for more than one year

Eligible owners still hold a wait-and-see attitude and have not decided whether they will let them rent; there are also grassroots households who worry about the overcharge of rents by owners and hope that the Social Welfare will be involved in the leasing and matching.

In September last year, the HS announced the launch of the first round of sub-leasing schemes, allowing 13,000 two-bedroom or above eligible flat owners to sublet their individual bedrooms to the grassroots. However, after more than a year, there have been no successful matching cases. As of mid-October this year, there were 13 applications for owners and 53 applications for tenants. At present, only six eligible rental certificates and 19 eligible rental certificates have been issued. However, no flats have been successfully leased or Check in.

Mr. Zhang, a 50-year-old teacher who works as a secondary school teacher, lives in a more than 700-room three-room unpaid unit in Dian Cui Xuan (Fabric House) in Tseung Kwan O

He said that his children have grown up, and the big girl has moved out and lost a bedroom. She planned to participate in the sub-lease program at the beginning of last year, but the wife did not want to share the kitchen and toilet with others. Mr Che continued that if the plan was relaxed to rent out the entire flat, he would consider renting and then use the rental income to rent a flat in a small area of ​​the urban area. However, it has to be discussed in detail with his family. There is no decision yet.

As for the 60-year-old mortuary CSSA household, Mr. Hong, and his daughter, Xiao Xiaoyi, lived in Changsha Bay for 90 years, with a monthly rent of 4,500 yuan. Mr. Hong admits that the rent-taking capacity is limited, and he can only afford 4,500 yuan. The worry-free renting unit is close to the market price, which means that the grassroots can’t afford it. He hopes to intervene through the Social Welfare Association, integrate the rental units, and then rent or assist the pairing at a lower price to let him share the units with other grassroots families.

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