The number of passengers fell by 36%, the tourism industry fell sharply, and the two businesses no longer violently scared away the high-speed railway passengers

The Hong Kong section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed railway is welcoming one year old today

The high-speed rail train has brought Hong Kong closer to the mainland cities and changed the mode of Hong Kong people’s travel. In the past year, the number of passengers passing through the West Kowloon High Speed ​​Rail Station has been nearly 18 million. The number of passengers on the high-speed rail tour has doubled year-on-year. The business of the shop is booming. At the beginning of this year, it was now rushing to shop “Xiaoyangchun". It is a pity that since the outbreak of riots in Hong Kong in the past, Ding Cai has had a good time. The average daily passenger volume of the high-speed rail has plummeted 36% to 37,600. The riots scared passengers from coming. The merchants lamented that the business was difficult.

Xie Yan, Fang Xueming, Liu Wei photography group

Mr. Dai, who often travels through the Pearl River Delta City, has entered the West Kowloon Station on the eve of the opening of the high-speed rail section. In the past year, Dai has taken the high-speed rail for more than ten times. He noticed that the number of people in the station has decreased significantly in the near future. “An important significance of the opening of the high-speed rail is to promote the economy of the two places." He said in the office and residential decoration that his source of tourists mainly came from the Mainland. The riots in Hong Kong continued and the mainland tourists were deterred. His business was greatly affected.

Passengers increased sharply at the beginning of last year

Statistics from the Census and Statistics Department and the Tourism Development Board show that after the opening of the high-speed rail and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge last year, the overall visitor arrivals grew strongly. Last year, the record high was 65.148 million, up 11.4% year-on-year, and the first half of this year was 34.727 million, maintaining 13.9. % good rise. As of August this year, the number of high-speed rail passengers totaled 17.871 million. In December last year, the passenger volume was the most prosperous, with an average daily volume of 58,600 passengers.

The Hong Kong Tourism Industry Council Chairman Huang Jinda said that in the past year, the high-speed rail northbound was the most popular short-distance route within five hours of driving. Taking the Easter holiday in April as an example, about 70% of the high-speed rail group departed from the West Kowloon Station. High-speed rail drives tourism development. Unfortunately, due to the riots, Huang Jinda said that the first two weeks of this month, the number of mainland visitors to Hong Kong fell by nearly 90% year-on-year. Looking forward to the “Eleventh Golden Week" holiday next week, the mainland group continued to decrease. In the same period last year, it was over 100 cents. The field is hopelessly reproduced.

Indeed, the situation has reversed since June, and the number of high-speed rail passengers plummeted to an average of 37,600 person-times last month. Yao Sirong, a member of the Legislature of the Tourism Industry, said that the high-speed rail boom should be maintained for two to three years. “There is nothing (violent conflict), and the number of high-speed rail summer passengers will definitely exceed 50,000." He lamented that if society can restore peace, tourism The recovery is optimistic that the average daily passenger volume of high-speed rail will reach 60,000 next year, and 70,000 person-times in the next year. When the number of mainland stations increases, it is expected to reach an average daily passenger volume of 80,000 in three to four years. Hate this wonderful goal has been ruined by the thugs!

Roasted meat shop: squatting for the owner to reduce rent

Jordan’s Bowring Street is about ten minutes walk from West Kowloon Station. Liang Tai, who runs the curtain business, has doubled the number of people in Jordan. “Guests have a nationality, and mainland tourists have more living nearby. I have set up a high-speed rail in Hong Kong and I am making a reservation. “Unfortunately, the business has plummeted. “A lot of guests are afraid of Hong Kong. The original curtains are temporarily held first."

The owner of the roasting restaurant, Ms. Chen, signed a new lease in March this year. After the opening of the high-speed rail, the new owner bought the 800 square foot shop for 20 million yuan, and the rent was increased from 40,000 to 60,000 yuan. She said that she had to go back and forth with the shoppers on June, and ate back to the mainland after eating a lunch at the restaurant. However, such guests have rarely been seen in recent days. “I have already told the owners to reduce rents. I really want to do it. I hope the owners Considerate."

Mr. Liu, who sells sportswear in the stalls, is dissatisfied with the influence of the chaotic Hong Kong people on the economy. “The impact of the rumors on the local consumption of Hong Kong is not the case. But I do the most well in retail sales, and most Hong Kong people are in a good mood. Consumption, Mi directly affects my business," he hopes the riot will calm down as soon as possible.

Chen Zhibao, the founder of the Hong Kong Shops Elite Club, said that the price and rent of shops near the high-speed rail station in the past year were such as “rolling a roller coaster". From March to June this year, it was “rushing to shop Xiaoyangchun". The transaction price was 10% to 20% higher than the owner’s asking price. The first-line street of Jordan Road, Nathan Road and Bowring Street has the highest rental value, and it can be hundreds of yuan per square foot. However, the shop price has fallen sharply since June and is now 40% lower than the peak period.

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