After the paving workshop, it is planned to enter the Tsuen Wan District shopping mall

he plans to open a branch in the mall in Tsuen Wan this year and is still in the negotiation stage

The new store operation model is the same as the Wanchai branch. It is a shop in front of the shop. It uses an open kitchen to make bread and desserts. “Opening a new store is a major decision. I hope there are more possibilities and can be eaten like a coffee shop." But it is still in the planning stage.

At present, there are 8 bakers and 4 dessert chefs in Pingu

All dessert recipes are designed by Li Tingqian. “Being a catering industry, you can’t have no skills. If you don’t understand, the master will not survive if you leave."

To convince the teacher, he said that he must first be good at himself, familiar with all the processes and skills; he also participates in overseas master training classes from time to time to improve production skills.

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