Pingbao rent green landscape NEO full floor rent 35 yuan

Pingbao rent green landscape NEO full floor rent 35 yuan

Lvjing China (00095), the Kwun Tong Greenview NEO Building has recorded a number of rentals, including China Ping An Insurance (02318), which is used for the virtual banking business and leases about 35 yuan.

Involved in 3,150,000 virtual banking business

According to market news, Lujing NEO Building recently recorded several rental transactions, one of which was a full-scale high-rise building with an area of ​​approximately 31,500 square feet. It was leased by Ping An Insurance and leased about 35 yuan. It is understood that the China Pingbao lease is used as a virtual banking business.

The group’s financial account book, which was previously issued a virtual banking license by the HKMA, said it expects to officially launch the service within six to nine months, hoping to promote Hong Kong’s financial technology through artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies. Development and innovation to provide financial services to citizens and small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition, the 10th floor of the building, with an area of ​​about 10,000 square feet, was leased by CSC Asia and leased about 38 yuan, which is the current high rent of the building. It is reported that the institution is a foreign-funded consulting company.

The Greenview NEO Building is about to be completed. It has been rented earlier and responded well. The largest hand tenant is Fortis Insurance (FTLIFE). The property is now rented on the 7th to 9th floors and the 15th floor with a total of 4 floors, each floor covering an area of ​​about 31,500. Square 呎, a total of about 126,000 square feet. The group originally rented a commercial building in Sheung Wan, and the relocation can save half of the rent.

Futong Insurance Relocation Rent 4 Floors

Looking for information, China Indoor Greenview China purchased a full-scale commercial building from Wheelock (00020) for 9 billion yuan in 2017, becoming the largest commercial building in Kowloon. It is now known as Greenview NEO Building.

The property is located at the beachfront of Ngau Tau Kok. It was originally the Wharf Telecommunication Plaza. The club was demolished and redeveloped in the early years. The project was put into operation this year. The property has a 21-storey building with retail floors on the ground floor and office buildings on the 3rd to 25th floors with a total gross floor area of ​​approximately 596,217 square feet.