plus pushes 12,300 yuan per price increase 12%

Nanchang Station Xinpanhui III first added 176 pairs for the first time yesterday, with an average price of 24,340 yuan, which is about 12% higher than the first batch

The developer pointed out that factors such as floors are added to the original price. The fastest sale on Thursday; market news said that the project received about 2,600 votes on the 4th.

Xindi: the original price plus push

Xinyi, the deputy general manager of the new site, pointed out that the exchange price of the No. 2 price list is 176, and the average price is 24,340 yuan. The price of the price is 768.6 to 53.03 million, and the price is 27749 to 35050 yuan. After the discount, the discounted price is 6.148 million to 42.424 million, and the discounted price is 22199 to 28,040 yuan. Tang Jinjiang, deputy general manager of Xindi, said that the increase was about 12% higher than the first price list, but the floor and landscape were added.

Temporary receipt of approximately 2,600 votes

The project will be available for sale as soon as this Thursday. In addition, it has accumulated about 2,600 votes so far.

This time, the unit area is between 275 and 1513 square meters. The entrance is 8 blocks, 8th floor, room D, 275 square meters. The price list is 7.866 million, and the price is about 27,949 yuan. After deducting the maximum 20% discount, the discount is about 61.48 million, the discounted price is about 22,359 yuan; as for the maximum of 8 blocks, 42nd floor, room A, 1513 square, the discounted price is about 42.424 million, the price is about 28,040 yuan.

According to the data, the average price of the project is about 24,340 yuan, which is about 12% higher than the first batch of about 21,722 yuan. It is close to the price of the adjacent Huiyi II.

On the other hand, the project has opened the demonstration unit of the existing building in Nanchang Station for the past few days

As far as the scene is concerned, the market has responded well, and visitors have seen frequent visits. The guest is dominated by family guests. In addition, there are many agents in the vicinity. Actively fishing outside the MTR station and shopping malls, and carefully explaining the details and advantages of the project with the passers-by, the performance is very professional.

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