Tan Tsai·Blue Store·Pow Noodle Shop

After many years, I returned to the area where I was born and found some old shops that are still open

There is a noodle shop, the walls and the big round folding table are stained with old and old white. I remember that my mother often took me and my brother to eat. I ate the fish and egg river, and my brother ate the burdock river. The meal was so light. The thick has passed. The kind of fish and egg and the fishy taste of the soup are still in the deeper layers of my memory. It is not particularly delicious. At least it is a kind of rough thick, which is incomparable to the fineness of the humans I have ever eaten. However, childhood memories are emotional, until I recently returned to the old district, I deliberately found this “powder noodle shop", but also eat back the past flavor, the world is still not thin.

However, the problem has arisen: I found this noodle shop on a network map, which is a “blue shop." Since the emergence of the politics of yellow and blue, Huang Lan is not only a political opinion, but also a conscience, but also a choice in life

Recently, a Tanzi branch posted a notice on the Internet. The language insulted that the demonstrators were not welcome. As soon as the news came out, the friends on my Facebook page suddenly rushed to the ground. Like the fans, the Tanzi branch is spread all over the territory. When its blue color is getting stronger, Huang Si suddenly stands between the dilemma of morality and taste. I have a student who is Tanzi Iron Powder. This news made him unhappy for hours. Until half a day later, I saw him reposted another message, saying that Tan Tsai officially clarified that the notice was planted. Between the messages, I read the joy of the students.

Yellow and blue politics

It is said that Tan Tsai is a good memory of many young people, just as the “powder noodle shop" nourishes my childhood. But the difference between them and me is that they are pursuing justice and are far more hot than me. That night, someone had reported an unconfirmed message: It is said that Tan Zi and Tan Zi’s brothers were acquired by a Japanese company, and two-thirds of the company’s shares were Chinese. If the news is true and there is no speculative car, the younger sister of Tan Tsai’s front line is not red, and the company’s foundation is red. In the perspective of yellow and blue political economy, red is more evil than blue.

Compared with the decoration and decoration, it is more suitable and unreasonable. This move is not new. As early as a century ago, our ancestors had the feat of buying Japanese goods. To be closer, about 10 years ago, the most popular political and economic keyword in Hong Kong was “real estate hegemony". The “King of the Kings", who is admired by thousands of people, was originally the target of the group. In those days, some people initiated the strike to buy Baijia Wellcome, and even did not help the anti-capitalist non-cooperation movements of the four major real estate developers and the stores of The Link (Today’s Link). In hindsight, this movement is extremely difficult. First, we did not have enough knowledge on how to distinguish the fund background of the store. Second, the extent to which the big real estate developers dominated the Hong Kong economy has gone to the point of being intricate and invading the bones. If you say it, you can stop.

There is also a third reason: in political philosophical terms, the opposition to “real estate hegemony" is based on the pursuit of “distributive justice", that is, the political position of dissatisfaction with the disparity between the rich and the poor and the redistribution of resources. Its left-wing color does not match the stomach of the Hong Kong population. However, the politics of the Yellow and Blue has shifted from the political position to the judgment of personal conscience. From the anti-humanity of the Chinese Communist regime to the collusion of police violence and police, more and more people believe that “yellow blue is a conscience". It is justify, it is the moral obligation of the mainstream society. So the rest of the matter is much simpler: the color is good, and the duty is fulfilled.

I don’t know if the student knows that he has received the fact check: the Chinese background is actually the Japanese company’s semi-colon in Hong Kong, and Tan Tsai is still wholly owned by the Japanese parent company, neither blue nor red. Students can eat with peace of mind. As for me, whenever I walked through the old white powder shop, I would always stay outside the door for a long

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