Pre-sale of pre-sales to supplement “new blood"

In the second half of the year, the property market has reversed, and developers have changed their push strategies accordingly

They have become cautious and conservative. As the market absorption slows down, developers are also fine-tuning the pace of applying for pre-sales, from June to October. For example, in June, 289 gangs, July 75 gangs, and August zero applications were applied. In September and October, there were 1,452 gangs and 998 gangs respectively. Compared with the first half of this year, there were 1400 to 2,200 gangs. During the period, the number of units approved for pre-sales was large. In this case, the number of units to be approved was reduced. Last month, only 8007 people were the second lowest.

New disc selling strategy turned cautious

However, as the new disk absorption has also dropped from a high level, although the number of approved and newly applied flats has decreased, the new volume of market accumulation has remained relatively stable. However, this relatively balanced pattern has the opportunity to be broken next year. It is the Government’s massive push in the areas between 2016 and 18, in particular the MTR station superstructure project, Kai Tak and West Kowloon. It is expected to enter the stage of applying for pre-sales next year, so that the new applications for new pre-sales next year will be extremely high. There is an opportunity to enter the peak period to replenish a large number of new discs for pre-sales.

Expected to be approved for sale next year, Dawan

If the property market atmosphere has not improved, or even if the project is approved for pre-sale, the developer will still be inactive. As in July and August this year, many new discs that have been approved for pre-sale for several months are still not on sale, but It can be expected that the pre-sale flats to be approved next year are believed to be expected to rise to the level of the million.

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