Fairview Park No. 1 house with a price increase of more than three times

the bank has recently promoted the second-hand transaction of the single-street house on the fourth section of the L section of the Fairview Park in Yuen Long

The saleable area is about 848 square meters. Interval, look out the inner garden landscape. The original owner called the price of 11 million yuan, and the subsequent price reduction of 620,000 or about 6%, completed the transaction with 10.38 million yuan, equivalent to a practical area price of about 12,241 yuan.

It is reported that the original owner bought the above units for about 2.338 million yuan in July 1993

After 26 years of holding goods, the current turnover of the book is about 8.04 million yuan, and the property has appreciated more than three times. Liu Xiyan added that the Fairview Garden recorded four second-hand transactions in the last month, with an average effective area of ​​about 12,742 yuan. About 80 orders are available, and the minimum admission fee for the estate is about $10 million.

In addition, Zheng Yun, a director of the New West Kowloon Mansion (Olympic Station) of Lijiage Real Estate, revealed that the market has recently recorded second-hand transactions in the middle and lower floors of Block B of the Imperial Palace in the Olympic Station

The unit has a usable area of ​​about 301 square meters. 376 square meters, open-planning, seated south. The original owner opened a call of 7.4 million yuan for sale, and then reduced 250,000 or about 3%, with a total rent of 7.15 million yuan, the equivalent of a real estate price of about 23,754 yuan, the construction area price of about 19,016 yuan.

It is reported that the original owner bought the above units in August 2015 for about 5.8 million yuan. Just loosened the SSD, the current book profit is about 1.35 million yuan, the unit appreciation is about 23%. Zheng Yun added that the Emperor Peak Palace recorded 2 second-hand transactions last month, with an average effective area of ​​about 36,054 yuan. At present, there are about 70 orders available. The “admission fee" starts from $4.7 million.

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