price of residential premises in Area 4A, Kai Tak

For the price of residential premises in Area 4A, Kai Tak, which is lower than market expectations,the Government would normally set a reserve price before the investment

If the bidding of the consortium is higher than the reserve price set by the government, the government will need to sell the land and cannot sell the bid. He believes that the government has the opportunity to be affected by the recent social movements and the Sino-US trade war, and the prospects for the property market have become cautious, and the reserve price has been slightly lowered.

He continued, Kai Tak received only 4 tenders, and the land price per floor was only 11,842 yuan, reflecting that developers are also cautious about the prospects of the property market, and the bid is more conservative than before.

Zhang Qiaochu, Managing Director of Yanliang Consulting and Evaluation, said that the land price of Kai Tak is indeed lower than expected, and the difference between the price of land and land in Linhai is more than 6,000 yuan

It is very rare. I believe it is related to the number of participating developers, and should also be related to the recent political turmoil. It is related to the instability of the periphery, but seeing that the property prices in the district are still stable in the near future, I believe that there is little chance that the land price will be tested again.

In the second half of the year, the price of small households fell 4%

In addition, Colliers International said that the prospects for the Sino-US trade war are unclear, coupled with the recent unstable political situation in the local area, and the tightening of the bank to concessions and cash concessions, it is expected that the general residential transaction volume will slow down in the second half of the year, small and medium-sized residential The price fell 4%.

Shi Feng, a senior director of the Group’s valuation and consulting services, said that overall, the shortage of land supply in Hong Kong and the current low interest rate environment have increased the confidence of buyers. It is expected that the price of small and medium-sized residential properties will increase by 6% this year and the price of luxury homes will rise. About 2%.

In the case of the Yuen Long raids, the number of flats in the district has plummeted. He believes that the incident is a short-term impact. Unless the overall economy experiences a major recession, the property prices in the district will not be affected if the economy of Hong Kong continues to rise steadily.

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