The price of the mansion in Happy Valley has not risen

In the Mid-Levels East and Happy Valley, many second-hand owners have been willing to cut prices by up to 10%

However, the atmosphere of the transaction has not been stimulated. Only 3 transactions were recorded for the time being.

He Qilin, senior regional business director of Midland Realty, said that only three second-hand transactions were recorded in the district since September, compared with 12 to 13 in the same period last month, a significant decrease. Among them, Shanglin recorded 2 transactions and the other one was Shanguangyuan.

Owners reduce the price by 5 to 10%

There are many housing estates in the Eastern Mid-Levels and Happy Valley areas. The silver code is also extensive. It is also available from a minimum of $6 million to a premium of over $1 billion. Under the adjustment of the property market, the owners have been quite sensitive. Many of them have adjusted the asking price for sale. However, there are a number of buyers in the market who wish to make a purchase. Therefore, the recent squatter atmosphere is good, but the buyer requires 20% or more. The price of the counter-offer, but the current owners are generally only willing to reduce by 5 to 10%, the two sides saw the order to continue the quiet.

Shanglin 788, 20.6 million

In terms of transactions, the second floor of Room 2, Shanglin, covers an area of ​​788 square feet. It was sold at a price of RMB 23 million as early as November last year. The final price was reduced to RMB 20.6 million, a decrease of 10%, and the transaction price was RMB 26,142. According to the data, in March last year, the same room on the same floor, the same area of ​​788 square feet, sold for 22 million yuan, so the above units have returned to the price level of a year ago.

In addition, the middle floor of Room C of Shanglin 1 has a usable area of ​​788 square feet, with a price of 24 million yuan. It was sold for 21 million yuan, a decrease of 12.5%, and the transaction price was 26,650 yuan.

On the other hand, the H-room of the middle level of Sanmao Court in Happy Valley, with a saleable area of ​​615 square feet, was sold for $11.4 million. The transaction price was 18,537 yuan, the unit price was 12 million yuan, and the price was 5%. In 2015, the property purchased the unit for 10 million yuan, holding the goods for 4 years, and the book profit was 1.4 million yuan, an appreciation of 14%. The unit on the first floor has the same area of ​​615 square feet. In 16 years, the transaction price also saw 11.72 million yuan. The unit that was sold this time returned to the level of 2 years ago.

Mr Ho said that there will be a large-scale new launch in Kowloon, and the current ticketing response is also good. If the market is ready to respond in the future, it can provide positive information to the market and increase the confidence of buyers.

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