Prince Edward Jewelry abandoned the Central Complex

The global economy has deteriorated, the political situation in Hong Kong has been turbulent, consumer sentiment has been weak, and the market has been greatly affected

Some retailers have abandoned the expansion. The Prince Jewellery Watch originally planned to rent a duplex shop at 100 Queen’s Road Central in the first month of June at a price of $1.6 million per month. However, due to other tenants’ rents and market changes during the period, the Prince Jewellery Watch finally decided not to rent the shop.

At the beginning of June, the Prince Jewelry Watch was rented at the lower floor of the No. 100 Queen’s Road Central in Central and the basement of the basement

The low-floor underground utility area was 8359 square meters, and the basement was 10,705 square meters. The total area was 19,064 square meters. The shop faces Queen’s Road Central. At that time, the monthly rent was about 1.6 million yuan, and the rent was about 83.9 yuan.

Market change is still empty

It is reported that there were no demonstrations of 1.03 million people on June 9 at that time, and there was no large-scale conflict between police and civilians. The retail market did not turn significantly, and there was no market for the Prince Jewelry Watch in Central. Branch. The owners and tenants also initially negotiated details such as rents, and only signed the contract.

However, after the shop was awarded an international sports brand for rent, the bid was 1.8 million yuan per month, which was 200,000 yuan or 12.5% ​​higher than the price of the Prince Jewelry Watch. According to the news, as local political events continue to heat up, Prince Jewellery watches have finally abandoned competition with other merchants and have not rented the shop. The shop is still short. Since the Prince Jewellery Watch does not sign any lease documents, no compensation is involved.

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