Private homes rent an average of 37 yuan for two months

Zhongyuan Real Estate used the new leases of the bank to calculate the rental trend of 107 large private residential estates in Hong Kong

The average rent was down for 2 months. In September, it recorded 37 yuan, down 1.3% from August’s 37.5 yuan. It also expanded from 1.1% in August.

Huang Liangsheng, senior co-director of the Central China Real Estate Research Department, said that the summer seasonal rental boom market ended early, the rent trend was softening

and the rents fell for two months and the decline showed signs of expansion, confirming that the rent entered the adjustment stage, and the average rent was determined by In July this year, the historical high of 37.9 yuan fell by about 5%, and the target is expected to be about 36 yuan.

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