Promote industrial scene 5G application technology

According to CCTV reports: In order to implement the national big data strategy, promote the development of industrial big data, and systematically build an industrial big data system, on the 4th

the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology drafted and released the “Guiding Opinions on Industrial Big Data Development (Draft for Comment)" (referred to as “Opinions").

The “Opinions" propose that by 2025, the industrial big data resource system, integration system, industrial system and governance system will be basically completed, forming a closed-loop development pattern from data agglomeration sharing, data technology products, data fusion application to data governance, and the value of industrial big data

The potential has been greatly stimulated and has become a key element and innovation engine to support the high-quality development of industry. The “Opinions" proposed nine key tasks and three major promotion projects. For example, in the data collection, transmission, and circulation levels, the Opinions require strengthening the collection and convergence of industrial big data resources, including supporting enterprises to speed up the deployment of digital tools and equipment such as CNC machine tools and robots, and improving production data such as equipment data, product identification data, and factory environmental data.

The data collection capability promotes the comprehensive collection of industrial big data

promotes the application of technologies such as 5G and NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of Things) in industrial scenarios, promotes the scale deployment of IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), and promotes the interaction of industrial big data transmission. At the same time, in order to reduce the risk of industrial big data circulation, we will guide the construction of the National Industrial Internet Big Data Center, and encourage enterprises, research institutions and other entities to actively participate in the key technology research and verification of data circulation such as blockchain and secure multi-party computing.

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