Lin Zhengzan Qinglian promotes exchanges between the two places to help young people broaden their horizon

Chen Dongyu Hong Kong Youth bravely stands up to support the fight against violence

“Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China – The 27th Session of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and the Inauguration Ceremony of the Board of Directors and the Hong Kong Youth Federation Exchange Fund Annual Meeting" was held at the Convention and Exhibition Centre yesterday. In his speech, the Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, spoke highly of the outstanding youth work of the Youth League. Chen Dong, deputy director of the Liaison Office, hopes that young friends will continue to fight for the chaos and restore order. They also appeal to the community to exchange ideas for youth exchanges and set up a ladder for Hong Kong youth development.

Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office Chen Dong, Xie Feng, Special Commissioner of the Hong Kong Office, Chen Yading, Deputy Commander of the People’s Liberation Army in Hong Kong, Yang Quansheng, Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth (Qinglian), Secretary-General of the All-China Youth Federation Liu Ai-ping visited the 27th session of the Youth League and the inauguration ceremony of the Board of Directors and the Hong Kong Youth Federation Exchange Fund Annual Meeting.

Mrs Lam said that the Youth League aims to train Hong Kong youth to become Hong Kong talents. Over the years, the Youth League has focused on the development of young people and promoted exchanges between Hong Kong youth and the Mainland and overseas youth. She praised the Youth League for organizing a number of high-quality exchange internships to give young people in Hong Kong the opportunity to exchange, study and work in different provinces and cities in the Mainland, broaden their horizons and broaden their horizons, laying a good foundation for their planning for future development.

Chen Dong shared three hopes with young friends. “First, I hope that everyone will continue to fight the storm and restore order." Chen Dong said that at this critical juncture, I hope that the new session of the Board of Directors will fully support the SAR Government in its administration of law, stop the violence, restore order, and guide. Everyone stopped and thought about it, calmed down, returned to the classroom, returned to the normal track of work and life, regained confidence and looked forward, re-arranging and starting again.

Grasping the opportunity of the “Belt and Road" in Dawan District

“The second is that we hope that many young people will exchange ideas for youth exchanges." Chen Dong hopes that the Youth League will take the lead in organizing more young people to approach the motherland’s great rivers and mountains, a long history and culture, and integrate into the tide of national reform and development to build a bridge for friendly exchanges between the two places. To spread the seeds of friendship, solidarity and progress, and hope that the All-China Youth Federation and the provinces, autonomous regions and municipal youth associations will continue to provide convenient conditions and a broad stage for Hong Kong youths to study, live and develop in the Mainland, so that they can feel the friendship of blood and water. Warmth with the big family of the motherland.

“Third, I hope that everyone will set up a ladder for Hong Kong’s youth development."

Chen Dong hopes that the young people will seize the historical opportunities of the construction of the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Macao areas, the “Belt and Road" and the Hong Kong International Innovation Center. Together with the SAR Government, they will be down-to-earth. Strive to move forward and write the famous phrase of Xiangjiang in the new era.

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups is composed of young talents from all walks of life, youth group leaders and academic elites. It consists of the Commerce, Industry and International Affairs Committee, the Culture Communication Development Committee, the Social and Women’s Committee, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee, the Conference Development and Training Committee, and the academic affairs. Committee and 7 committees of the Sports and Recreation Development Committee.

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