Junyuan limited sales promotion market plus pusher price increase space CITIC Taifu Guan Jieying: aiming at family exchange

Although the property market is still cautious in the near future, developers are gradually accelerating the pace of launching

Among them, Maanshan Junyuan, developed by CITIC Pacific, has attacked the first batch of low-market prices. CITIC Pacific property agent Guan Jieying said in an interview with the newspaper. The first batch of the market is for the price of “Hi", which will be sold in sections. There will be some room for price increase when pushing back. In addition, the project will focus on large units and will attract customers and family guests. The property market will develop smoothly in the second half of the year.

Guan Jieying said that since the opening of the project, the market has responded satisfactorily and will announce the sales arrangements in the short term

At the same time, it will gradually sell the products in stages, and there will be some room for price increases when it is pushed back. For the alleged first price list, which is lower than the new price in the same district, Guan Shi refers to the first batch of “hi" price changes for the flat, which is expected to make it easier for buyers to improve the environment.

She continued that the demand for land exchange in the same district is large. Therefore, the project provides three-bedroom and four-bedroom large-scale households, but the second-time sale, the target customers are for the change of guests and families.

Featured units will be sold

In addition, the plate provides 148 gangs, and there are 20 special units, which will be sold in the form of tenders. The real estate also provides 133 parking spaces. For the market, there are fewer projects with a high proportion of parking spaces, starting from the target group for the family. All have a car.

For the recent launch of new markets in the market, Guan said that the new market launches are good for the market. Because of their different positioning and matching, they can provide buyers with more choices and also sell sales. With confidence.

Strong demand for home ownership in the market

Although the government has withdrawn the fugitive offenders regulations, the market is still concerned about the development of Sino-US trade wars. For the property market trend in the second half of the year, Guan Shi believes that the recent launch of the new discs, regardless of the volume of tickets and sales, is good, it can be seen that The market demand for rigid home ownership is still strong, and the current supply of new buildings has not yet caught up with buyers’ demand for home ownership, including the potential supply of new buildings to about 90,000 in the next three to four years, which has not yet reached the market demand. Therefore, it is expected The property market is still developing steadily in the second half

The second half of the year, the property market is stable

At the same time, she also pointed out that the Group will continue to actively absorb land. The Government has launched tenders for land tenders. The Group has tendered for tenders. Apart from studying the Government sites, it will also consider purchasing old urban buildings to increase the land bank. The strategy of “excellent is not expensive".

The disc consists of 3 residential buildings with 148 tiered units and 133 parking spaces. The standard unit size ranges from 922 to 1656 square meters. It offers 3 bedroom suites to 4 bedrooms with double compartments. There are also 20 special units. From 879 to 2678 square meters, the interval varies from 3 bedroom suites to 4 bedrooms and 3 units, which is suitable for different families. The key date is expected to be August 31, 2020, and the uncompleted period is about 1 year.

The Club has its own clubhouse, which has eight theme areas, including a terraced outdoor garden pool and an open-air barbecue garden. The pool is about 20 meters long.

Consider buying old buildings to increase soil storage

The clubhouse is equipped with a feast hall, a cooking practice room, and a children’s play room. It also provides residents with water aerobics, cooking classes, children’s music classes, planting classes, barbecue food attendance services, etc., so that residents can enjoy a variety of club services. And a different attitude towards life.

For the design concept of the real estate, Wang Dong Architect Huang Weijun pointed out that the project is facing the sea and the sea, about 80% of the units look at the sea, and there are also about 60% of the units, facing the mountains and the sea.

In addition, the unit of the first seat is designed with a horizontal hall, and the space is full, while the dining room has a viewing window, which can achieve convection effect, and each bedroom has a sea view.

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