Property is more practical than gold

Due to the stall crisis in many economic locomotives around the world, funds began to flow from the dollar into gold and the yen was safe

Property such as residential property and gold are physical assets, but the property has interest, and the practical function is more gold. The author is still optimistic about the prospects of the property market in Hong Kong.

The United States and many countries cut interest rates because of the economic downturn

More large-scale investment banks and funds said that the global economic recession is approaching, and the funds have been invested in capital preservation and value-added investment tools. The interest-free gold and negative interest rate yen have become hot. Hong Kong may not follow the United States to cut interest rates simultaneously, and it is difficult to reverse interest rate hikes. It is expected that interest rates will continue to be low, and those who provide loans in Hong Kong will enjoy low interest rates. Despite the social events in Hong Kong in recent months, the author is still optimistic about the residential property market, because the advantages of the property are more gold.

Property and gold are the same, and practical properties are more extensive than gold

The simplest residential and other properties can be used to live and solve human settlement problems. Owners who own the property are also allowed to pay rent in the building, and often provide rent flats for rent, and rentable units can collect rental returns. It is an investment tool with interest income. Although gold is easy to carry, few people put all the money in gold because it has no interest return.

There are many risks in investing in gold, and it risks being plundered. Most of the gold is placed indoors, but it is a big expense to rent or buy a property to store, and to pay rent or purchase price. In addition to accommodation, the property also has a storage function that can also store large amounts of gold. As for the property and the gold who will run out, it depends on the current situation. At present, the global population is 7.7 billion, and the number of people who need to live is increasing. The demand for property is very large. The property is real estate, and it is hard to hear that the entire property has been taken away, but it is not uncommon for all or a large amount of gold to be robbed.

Products such as gold derivatives issued by financial institutions are also at risk. If the issuer has three lengths and two shorts, the gold derivatives may become a piece of waste paper and cannot be kept in the same direction. These risks have to be noted. On the contrary, there are few unfinished cases in Hong Kong properties built by local developers.

Gold has not been popular with the market for a long period of time. “Ten years of gold has become rotten copper" was a good news. But gold has no interest, and even some foreign currencies with interest are not as good. The inflation rate in Hong Kong in July was 3.2%. If the currency and gold unfortunately depreciated and then inflate inflation, it would be that the pigs were shrinking. Buying gold and foreign currency is difficult to choose. It is better to buy a housing property that everyone can use.

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