The property market is stable due to less bubbles

After being attacked by both inside and outside, the performance of the property market in Hong Kong was still stable, with a slight drop of more than 2% from the peak

The main reason is that the government has implemented a number of stamp duty and tightened bank mortgages in the past nine years, eliminating the shortage of buyers and reducing the speculation. In the property market without a bubble, the risk of sudden decline naturally decreases.

Since many speculators have been squandered by the government, the buyers in the property market are all powerful, and those who are willing to buy flats during the year are holding a long-term investment mentality

Therefore, the owners who are in urgent need of “jumping" to sell the cash are expected. There will not be many cases. The selling pressure is not big, and the property price can naturally stabilize.

Last year, US President Trump launched a trade war with China

When it was troubled for a long time, the property market should not fall, and it is already a strong performance. In the past three months, social movements have taken place. The property market rose to June and then fell to the top. It only fell more than 2% at the end of August. The property price was stable, which was caused by no bubbles.

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