The core of the property market policy

Has the economic development of Hong Kong progressed in the end

From the various asset price trend indicators and per capita income, of course, you can say that. However, from another point of view, the simple look at it, the different Hong Kong rich list counted by major institutions, come and go is almost the same group of people, and the road to wealth is also inseparable from the real estate market. Excluding the indicators or credibility of the rich list in the Mainland and other markets, questioning or agreeing that Hong Kong has been subject to a large-scale upward movement for many years, and it is difficult to develop from the beginning to the end.

Hong Kong is now facing a great crisis

The economy is facing downwards and adversity. It is far more difficult than SARS. At least the relative cost of the year was low, and a number of mainland tourists were released to invigorate consumption. But now, it is completely different. Many retail groups with scale and even listed have threatened that if the consumer market does not improve, the rental cost will be reduced by 30% to 40%. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to break even. As a real estate economy, the economy needs to be guaranteed, and the real estate needs to be good. It is all because of the quality of the whole industry; including construction and investment, advertising, and even the quality of bank assets. However, if it is, the whole Hong Kong has problems, assets, and wealth, and it will re-emerge.

The development of Dawan District has indiscriminately increased the role of Shenzhen

It seems that the mainland is also using the planning strengths of decades to create a large economic zone with Chinese characteristics; that is, there are jobs, opportunities, new high-tech, and Quality, but no property price is out of control. In fact, from some reports, many experts from the Mainland and even the think tank have been making repeated appeals in recent days. To develop in Dawan District, it is necessary to use the Hong Kong economic model as a warning, especially in Shenzhen. It is impossible to lose control of property prices because of development. .

To avoid the rise in property prices and the rise in control, the Mainland has a greater grasp of the high land price. Compared with the domestic ones, Dawan District belongs to the first-tier cities. The local government’s land revenue dependence is low and flexible. On the contrary, for Hong Kong, regardless of the abandonment of the high land price policy or the use of various methods to promote land, the result is the same, that is, the revenue of the Treasury may be greatly reduced. This is also the potential policy adjustment after the series of social activities. The core of Hong Kong’s financial position.

In fact, the property market policy is urgent for the world, and there are contradictions in time. On the one hand, the current economic downturn, the world wants to run out as soon as possible, announced the successful response to economic adversity, the policies involved are beneficial to real estate. At the same time, the global central bank will only endlessly make more accommodative policies, and once more than once, the next big upswing, may turn to the asset market. Since, if it proves that market function has constituted social destruction, it is not necessarily wise to continue to pursue the premise of market principles.

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